Satsang with the Self video series


In January 2009, Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self,  began his second Channeling Higher Self video series on YouTube.

Satsang with the Self is a modern day re-creation of the traditional satsang teaching enivronment using 21st century technology. Take part in a digital internet ashram, live fully interactive video streamed to you over the internet every weekend.

Active participation is encouraged. These Higher Self channelling sessions are for you.

What is a Satsang?

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word Satsang is sat = true; sanga = company.

Satsang describes in Indian philosophy (Yoga, Advaita, Vedanta):

1. the company of the highest truth
2. the company of a guru or spiritual teacher
3. company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth

Satsang typically involves listening to or reading spiritual teachings, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life.

The definition of Satsang also extends to include the inner voice of guidance and teaching that is awakened within you as you develop the potentials of your Soul or Higher Self.

In a world where the predominant focus of attention is ‘out there’, Satsang provides an environment which affirms the practice of looking within.

The nature and goal of Satsang with the Self is to establish you in a direct, unbreakable communion with your Higher Self, while living an active worldly life.

What is the Self?

The word Self is derived from the Indian word Ātman (Sanskrit: आत्मन्) or Atta (Pāli): which literally means “Self” and is also translated to mean “Soul”.

Ātman or Atta is rooted in the Indo-European word ēt-men which means “breath”.

While Buddhism and Yoga (or Advaita or Vedanta) disagree about the permanence or impermanence of the Self, the fundamental definition is the same. The Self is you, at the innermost core level.

As you will learn in the Satsang with the Self videos, the Self is both impermanent and permanent simultaneously. It is the nature of manifest reality to be dualistic. It is the nature of Self to be all inclusive.

Satsang with the Self is the gathering of Souls to celebrate the highest truth of who we are: pure, unconditional Love Consciousness.

Please visit Satsang with the Self to watch these videos.  Or view the Satsang with the Self videos listed below.

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