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The testimonials plug-in that I used was taken off the market and my 80+ testimonials were lost. Please help me to rebuild by submitting a new testimonial. Testimonials help others who are trying to decide if working with me will be effective for their own process of transformation and healing. With so many websites and services online it can be challenging to know the quality of one’s work. Testimonials help. Thank you.

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I wish I had words to make you feel the gratitude and happiness you brought into my life. I will definitely work with you again in the future, but at the moment I feel that I need to incorporate all that info into my life. I will spread the word about you,
your work is truly valuable and your word has the power to transform life. God bless you now and always for this amazing work and service to mankind. Thank you so much.

Grace R., USA
Feedback after receiving a Personal Higher Self Session

Hello Lincoln. The guided meditation that Higher Self gave me at my Personal Season is so so effective! It’s awakening after awakening after awakening. It’s almost too good to be true. But, I became afraid, because the meditation is too good to be true and so effective. I watched some youtube videos on Kundalini activation and Kundalini awakening and they experienced some serious side effects, such as chronic pains, mental health problems, etc.. I’m very much afraid for my mental health. Can it be damaged by this awakening and mediation that Higher Self gave me? I hope you will understand me and share and help me with your understanding. Thank you for everything! Much love!

Dusan Milovanovic, Serbia
Feedback after receiving a Personal Higher Self Session

Hi Lincoln, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and share with us from the Higher Self. Focusing on my spiritual heart is truly an anchor for me when I face difficulties in this world. Your teachings are invaluable so I just wanted to thank you for making me aware of the spiritual heart and that it’s always right here with me in every moment.

Feedback after watching my YouTube videos

I am so grateful to you for what you offer, with such sweetness and humility. Our last session was so useful and helped me so much make sense of my daughter’s journey. You were so generous with your time and I find the mix of the other-wordly mystery and the practical that your channel offers is so useful.

I hope you come to England some time soon and we will be able to meet and work together more deeply and over more time.

Much love

Rose R., United Kingdom
Feedback after receiving a Personal Higher Self Session

I want to share with you that after watching your newest channeling I have opened to the greatest sense of guidance and oneness within my heart. Today I was in a blissfull state for hours. The experience ended and as I continued my day I had blisfull encounters and meetings- the spiritual state and my daily life are becoming more integrated.

Thank you for helping me reach liberation and realization of who I am as an infinite source of light. Thank you for believing in me, investing your time and energy in me and trusting me. You have been the most powerful influence on my life, and an example of how I want to shape my life and my service to the world.

Many blessings and all the best,

Shekib, Netherlands
Feedback after watching my YouTube videos


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