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Welcome to Channel Higher Self and the Higher Self Teachings. I am happy to help you on your journey towards better health, self-mastery and spiritual enlightenment. This webpage will provide you with the fundamental teachings to begin the Higher Self path. Below you’ll find answers to common questions along with links to videos and blog articles. If you are new to spirituality or the Higher Self Teachings, you’ve landed on the right webpage.

First and most important: the goal of true spirituality is the direct experience of your deepest inner self. Different religions and spiritual traditions call it by different names – your spirit, soul, God-self, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, True Self, Higher Self or simply Self. In my videos, I call it the Self or Higher Self. All of these names are referring to the same experience. Your deepest inner self is the blissful, unconditionally loving, all powerful creative energy and light of consciousness. It is one completely unified state of being that is eternal and infinite.

In deep meditation and the highest spiritual experiences, a person experiences himself or herself solely as the pure consciousness that is having the experience of life.

The goal of the Higher Self teachings is to guide any person towards this state of true spiritual awakening and enlightenment. To accomplish this goal, I have created several hundred videos that examine nearly every part of the human experience – and then guide the viewer with wisdom towards truth. When applied, the knowledge in these videos will help any person increase his or her mastery of the human experience and spiritual self.

Where to start?

To create a foundation for your Higher Self path, the following articles and videos are recommended. The information and instructions in these videos will answer nearly all of your questions about spirituality and the Higher Self. It is best to view these in order. You can bookmark this page and return to later, as it will take some time to view and integrate all of this material.

  1. What is the Higher Self? (blog article)
  2. Understanding the Higher Mind and the Higher Self. How to Experience It. (video)
    * This video is also posted on the “What is the Higher Self?” blog article.
  3. What changes can you expect by following the Higher Self Teachings? (video)
  4. Connect quickly to the Higher Self within. A guided meditation. (video)
  5. Easy, direct, powerful steps for total transformation. Meditation to enlightenment. (video)
  6. A simple higher consciousness meditation for everyone. (video)
  7. Watch this 95 minutes interview from the show We are Channelers (video) to learn more about my own personal self and spiritual awakening.

The videos above serve as the foundation to the Higher Self teachings. As I said, I have several hundred videos on nearly every possible topic and question that can arise. After watching these 6 foundational videos, you then can search my website using keywords to find the videos that interest you. The search bar is located on the right sidebar of the home page.

Experience the Higher Self as I channel for you

I offer 3 different ways to work with me directly using livestream video online.  Each way is unique and gives you a different way to develop your own Higher Self connection.

1. Personal Higher Self Channeling Session

I offer one-on-one channeling sessions where the Higher Self answers questions and provides guidance for personal growth, healing and spiritual awakening.  To learn more visit this page.

2. Higher Self Inner Circle

The best way to experience the greatest spiritual growth and personal transformation with the guidance of the Higher Self is to join on of the 3-month cycles of channeled teachings.  Learn more about the Inner Circle by visiting these 2 webpages.  Purchase a past cycle and use the recordings.  Or join the current cycle and participate with livestream videos each week.

3. Satsang with the Self Livestream

Each week, I channel the Higher Self for 1 hour on livestream video.  Watch as I channel live and share teachings and guided meditations.  Since 2008, I have been hosting livestream channeling sessions online.  You can learn more and register to attend a Satsang with the Self channeling.

My Fundamental Wisdom for You

My advice is to keep your spiritual path simple and direct. There is a lot of information out there.  In fact, there is too much information.  We live in the “information age” and we are over-saturated with it. Unfortunately the great majority of information today has limited helpfulness. Reading too many books or websites can cause information overload, distraction and confusion.  This will slow your progress and prevent you from using your time to work on what matters most: practice!

In truth, the genuine spiritual path is relatively simple to understand.  Our progress depends on the work we perform, not how much we read or how clever we speak.  The foundation of spirituality has always been self study.  The words carved in stone over the entrance at the Oracles of Delphi stated “Know Thyself”.  The importance of this phrase cannot be understated.

From the beginning to the end, spirituality is the study of the self.

Genuine spirituality begins with self-observation.  For most of our lives we have never truly observed ourselves.  Thoughts fly through our minds at a hundred words a minute and rarely do we consciously observe them all.  Most of our emotional feelings go unnoticed, especially the deeper ones.  We breathe unconsciously for much of the day.  We even lose awareness of our surroundings – such as being lost in thought as we drive a car.  We simply are not very aware of what is happening inside and outside of us.  Spirituality teaches how to increase your self-awareness and later, your self-control.

Through self-observation comes self-knowledge.  Whether we study an animal, a car, a dress, a textbook or our minds, all knowledge begins with observation.  Only by using our senses and intelligence can we grow in knowledge and change our lives.

Meditation is the #1 spiritual method that teaches you how to observe yourself and your world.

As far back as human history goes, meditation has always been the primary method for spiritual growth.  Today it is no different.

Today, however the word meditation is used to reference dozens of different practices, some of which are extremely different than original meditation.  In this Higher Self Teachings, the word meditation always refers to a practice of mental concentration that increases perceptual awareness and reduces extraneous thought, emotion and physical action.

Be careful of clever sales pitches that fill your mind with hope of future riches, immortality and power over other people.  The internet and bookstores are filled with “get rich quick” scams that will only mislead you, wasting your valuable time and energy.

To practice meditation, a person concentrates on only one object or process – such as a blank wall, his or her own breath, or an energy center like the Spiritual Heart.  When the concentration weakens and attention wanders, the person refocuses on the object or process and continues.  Over time and with consistent practice, the person will be able to control his or her own mind and awareness.

Please read these two short articles to learn what meditation is and how to correctly meditate.

  1. What is meditation? How to practice meditation.
  2. Types of Higher Self meditation practices. 

I also offer this CD or instant mp3 download that guides you step by step through the meditation process. Click here.

Meditation trains a person to stay in a constant state of awareness that is free from distraction.  This gives the person greater insight into the changes happening within his or her perception.  The result is that even very subtle changes in one’s own mind, emotions and body are noticed.  Very tiny changes in the external world are noticed.  By being aware of the subtle changes we are able to gain greater knowledge.  This knowledge is then what we use to change our lives.

As I said earlier, we live in the “information age”.  Society places high esteem on memorizing concepts about material “stuff”.  What is missing, however, is the information about our own selves.  Inner knowledge is by far the most important information a person can learn.  I began creating the Channel Higher Self videos on YouTube because accurate information about our inner selves was missing from society.

Try to remember this because it is so important and often forgotten: spirituality is the science of the self.  Observing ourselves is far more important than studying spiritual books to learn abstract information.


  1. Meditation increases our perceptual awareness.
  2. This gives us more information about ourselves and the world.
  3. With this new information we then can make better choices.
  4. Skillfully chosen actions create the life experiences that we desire.
  5. Spiritual enlightenment is gained through correct action.

Awareness leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to action.  Action creates change.

First we must increase our ability to observe ourselves.  This gives us more information and helps us to understand our mental and emotional patterns (our karma).  This new information gives us the direction for our actions so that we can effectively to change our lives.

It has been said that the knowledge that created the problem cannot be the same knowledge that solves the problem.  We gain new information by studying how our minds and emotions function.  If we want to change ourselves, we must know ourselves. Freedom from suffering is available to anyone who is willing to work towards gaining knowledge of his or her own self.

As we meditate something miraculous happens…

In the beginning meditation may seem like a boring waste of time.  We sit and watch and nothing happens. Breath in, breath out.  Breathe in, breath out.  Boring!

Stay with it.  Meditation introduces you to awareness and awareness is the deepest part of yourself.  Awareness is where you’ll find your freedom!

As you continue to meditate you will begin to notice a deep part of your inner self that does not move.  Between each thought there is silence.  When the emotions calm down, there is stillness.  All the forms of life – whether inside ourselves as thoughts, emotions, breathing or heartbeat, or outside ourselves as trees, clouds, birdsong, wind and sunlight – exist inside empty space.  The more we meditate the more we realize that we are this silent, still, empty space.

We are the emptiness in which all the inner and outer forms arise, exist and disappear.

This is a profound spiritual realization that will greatly transform how you experience life.  From the first day of our lives, every person on this planet is taught to identify with his or her body and mind.  We are conditioned to experience ourselves as being the content of our mind and the form of our bodies.  However we are not our thoughts, emotions and body parts.  We are the conscious awareness that is experiencing them.  We are the spirit inside of them.  Our bodies and minds are our tools for experience and expression.  But they are not our true self.

This is one of the first realizations on the path of true spirituality. Hopefully my description will give you the wisdom and encouragement to practice genuine meditation.  There is no substitute for meditation.  A person cannot be free of the ego without meditation. Now that I have told you about this realization, it is within your reach.  The seeds have been planted.  But you must practice to fully experience this state of being the spiritual awareness that is beyond the mind, emotions and body.

In my videos I share many guided meditations that help you understand your mind and emotions from a higher level of consciousness.  Try a search for mindemotion or healing to find these videos.

There is more!

I told you that meditation leads to the miraculous.  Freedom from form-based identification (the ego) is only one of the first miracles experienced on a genuine spiritual path.  Another is the Higher Self.

In my videos, I teach from the Higher Self consciousness.  This is a universal consciousness that exists everywhere in space – including the space inside of us.  It is intelligent and unconditionally loving.

Along the journey of your spiritual awakening you will find an intelligence arising from within the deeper part of your mind.  This is often called intuition, but it can be so much more.   Let my videos be an example to you of what is possible when we experience ourselves as this pure awareness and expand our consciousness into greater states.

As you watch my Channel Higher Self videos you may notice that my eyes do not move.  This is an external sign of a still and concentrated mind that is free from thought and memory-based speech.  You may notice that my body is still, looking like it’s frozen in a seated position.  This is another sign of inner stillness.  If you are emotionally sensitive, you may feel a deep peace inside of my consciousness and a blissful love energy radiating from my body.  Some of you may even feel these experiences increasing inside yourself as you watch my videos or meditate on your own.  These are all signs of the personal consciousness expanding into the Higher Self consciousness.   This is a natural step in the journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

This webpage began as an article to introduce you to the Higher Self path of spirituality, so I’ll end this article here, before I get too far ahead.  I hope that the information written here helps you to find the answers to your questions by giving you a deeper experience of your own self and the universe we all share.  Ultimately spirituality is the path of self-knowledge.  Constantly observe and study yourself.  Then you’ll find your own answers within.

Personal Higher Self channeling

To help you along your spiritual path, I offer the service of channeling the Higher Self for you.  This is an opportunity for you to receive personal information that is specific to you and your soul’s path.  Channeling the Higher Self is unlike channeling spirits or “Ascended Masters”.  It is unlike a psychic reading or card reading.  Channeling the Higher Self is the term that I use to describe the skill of allowing the Universal Intelligence to express through me as spoken words and energetic communication.

If you are interested in a personal Higher Self channeling session, please visit this website and then contact me using the form.

Ready for more?

So you’ve watched the 6 introductory videos, been practicing meditation and are ready for deeper wisdom?

For 6 months in 2013, I created a 22 video mini-series that examines every part of the personal human self in depth.  Over 30 hours of Higher Self channeled teachings and guided meditations will help you to reach extremely high states of personal mastery.  The information in these videos is advanced, so having an foundation in my other videos is recommended.

Welcome to the Higher Self path of spiritual awakening. I wish you the best along your journey and truly wish you the best in your life.

Blessings and Love,

~ Lincoln Gergar, channel for Higher Self


  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Lincoln ! Thank you so much for creating this – I found you in a google search for “free flowing meditation”… I am NOT a good meditator at this point but really want/need to become one …I am certain after reading this page I have recieved some good information to help me in my quest .

    So I will bookmark this page as you suggest and start on my journey – very excited to begin…..Peace …Kathy 🙂

  2. Lincoln says:

    Welcome Kathy to my website and the Higher Self teachings. To help you understand meditation, please read these articles: and You can also practice along with some of my most recent 10-minute guided meditation videos:

  3. Donna Rowe says:

    You are amazing. You give so freely and lovingly. For some time I have been getting this (it’s like a cross between a feeling and a voice) that keeps saying if you meditate I can help you. But still I find it so hard to stay disciplined especially since I can find noone that seems to understand. I’m bipolar and when I try to speak of my feelings and experiences people start asking if I am hearing voices. It has been frustrating but I was finally able to let go of my burning desire for validation and just excepted the fact that I didn’t need it to make my experiences more valid or more real and then there you are! Another frustration searching before I found you was that every time I found something helpful they needed my credit card before they would let me go any further and money is one of my biggest problems. When I do get myself together I know I will gratefully contribute to making sure your teachings find as many people as possible. My heart is full of love and gratitude. Thankyou for lighting the way. Searching for myself seemed so difficult but you have turned it into something so simple but so exciting. Blessings back to you Dear One and bless you for the way you are able to make us feel truly loved.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Donna for sharing your honest thoughts and open Heart. It, too, has been my path to be turned away by so-called spiritual teachers placing money and greed between themselves and sincere students of the Enlightenment. When I was young I made it my conscious choice to never place anything between a student in search of Truth and myself or the knowledge that I had. When I leave this world, I will know that I did all that I could to make this world a better place.

    Please continue to use these Higher Self teachings to light your path back into your Heart and your Self. I wish you the very best. Blessings and Love always.

  5. Donna Rowe says:

    Lincoln, please skip to the last paragraph as you will find my question there. I’m embarrassed but instead of erasing all this I’d like to save it for myself but there is no need for you to read it and realize ‘hey, she really is bi-polar. Lots of love right back at ya Dear One.

    Lincoln, so sorry to take up more of your precious time but I have been making myself crazy trying to find one of your videos that I only caught a few seconds of. The night I found you I was absolutely exhausted but was looking for guided meditation before sleep. I’d been searching for so long. I had bible studies with Jehovah witnesses and Mormons and Seventh day Adventists just to name a few.I took Self Realization studies and read everything I could find from Buddha to Hare Krishna and found pieces of what felt like truth to me in all of them but your videos were the first time when all of it madesense to me so I couldn’t stop watching. Alll I have is this little tablet that I barely know how to use and have no idea, though I have tried, how to do a search history so when I was just falling asleep again I heard you answering a question I had been asking since I was 23 (I’m 53 now). I was so tired it didn’t even register until later and I have not been able to find it again. When I was 23 I looked at what I had been taught and found it ridiculous. Here’s this God who’ so loving I can’t even comprehend His love but He’s gonna burn my sweet mother in hell with Hitler for eternity because she doesn’t go to church every sunday. Hitler’s own mother with her limited human love wouldn’t do that and if God was like that I didn’t even want to know him let alone love him. So in my searching I started a mantra meditation. It was difficult because I didn’t have any idea what was supposed to happen during meditation so silly as it sounds my mind kept waiting for some kind of event instead of just letting go. Then one day during a meditation I just sort of forgot what I was doing and suddenly I was filled with this absolute joy that was so intense I just started too laugh and instantly I was awake and it was gone but I knew God had just gently tapped me on the shoulder and whispered “here I am”. So many things happened so fast my whole world changed, I mean every circumstance of my life. I was filled with such love and compassion I forgave everyone everything including myself. It was impossible to throw shit at me because it just flew right through me. It was like everyone was only 3 years old and so hurt, and lost, and afraid that instead of reacting negatively to someone my first reaction was like “you poor thing. What happened to you” and with this thought their whole attitude towards me would change. It was beautiful. I loved everyone including myself. It only lasted for about a year because I no longer meditated, slowly forgot who I was, and began listening and believing the sad lost humans around me til I was once again less than nothing. It’s so sad how people are so attracted to this type of energy but in a relationship suddenly they want to kill it because it is the only way they can feel safe with you.Oh my God Lincoln, I can’t believe I did this to you. I’ll never ask you another question but I’m afraid of getting even more lost.

    In the video I’m looking for you talked about reaching a state in meditation that was hard to stay in. You said to just keep practicing and the human part would eventually get used to it and would quit being so excited by it and would learn to stay in it. Was it a real video or did I just dream it? If it doesn’t sound familiar it’s ok. I’m sure I’ll eventually watch your videos so many times I’ll eventually find out for myself anyway. I’ve been so lost. Thankyou for finding me and leading me out of my insanity and back home.

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Donna,

    Thank you for sharing some of your life story with us. It was beautiful to hear about your path of searching, discovery and awakening. Yes, sometimes God reaches in and lift us up. Then it is up to us to keep ourselves in these higher states. The Universe is always in support of us, but it is also requiring us to support ourselves.

    I know that you will return to your previous states of awakening and even journey higher.

    To help you find the video you are looking for…. if it was me sharing about my personal experiences and not channeling the Higher Self, then the video will be in the Interviews & Appearances category. If the video is me channeling the Higher Self, then it will be in the Satsang with the Self videos or the 99 Days 99 Channels videos (earlier ones with my long hair).

    I hope that this helps you. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey through life. I see that you do have much wisdom and that this wisdom will take you deeper into yourself and Reality. Your searching through the confusion and suffering of life was truly a blessing.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

  7. Pami Osho says:

    Nameste! Lincoln.
    I Love your youtube videos and i wish that you keep on doing them. I am a disciple of osho and i really like your discourses too.
    My question is about my 15 years old son, whose father has passed away. He has been in depression for 3 years now and he does not accept that his father is dead. He will be soon using medicine, but i dont like this idea, that you have to use medicine to get rid of depression. I have told him several times to meditate, but he says that it dosent work.
    What do you suggest for my son?

  8. Lincoln says:

    Hello Pam. Thank you for your support and blessings. I am very happy that you have been enjoying them and benefiting. Due to the personal nature of your question about your son, I would need to work with you in private in a session. If you would like to work with me, please send me an email using the contact form. I wish you and your son the best. Blessings and Love always.

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  10. Nina Pachimsawat says:

    Thank you very very much Lincoln for everything!

    You have saved my life.
    You helped to get me out of my own cage.

    Thank you. Thank you.

    I really hope to see you in person and learn more from you one of these days.

    Happy 2016!! Wishing you all the best!!

    Love lots,

    (Bangkok, Thailand)

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  13. Agnieszka says:

    HI Licoln,

    My name is Agnieszka and I come from Poland. I discovered you and your channel some half a year ago and I know that it wasn’t a coincidence. I watched lots of your videos, interviews teachings I meditate every date and very often with you 🙂 (via YouTube) I followed all the steps of Higherself guided personal transformatiom programme and all this influenced and is still influencing my life in a very positive way maybe not in a way I with my limited mind wanted to change it but in a way which is the best for me (I just feel it). I truly appreciate you and your teachings, they are wonderful full of unconditional love, bliss, understanding.
    I would like to thank you very much for your perfect job 🙂 for your videos, advice, blessings, divine love, thank your wondrous being.

    All the best, Namaste,

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  15. […] Now to my experience. Throughout my life, after focusing on many aspects of creation, I started to become aware of the Love within myself and started deliberately to focus on it. I was already becoming vaguely aware of our deepest aspects, but as I was struggling to put everything in a clear mental perspective, I benefited immensely from the the Higher Self channelings of Lincoln Gergar. […]

  16. […] entry. Overall the purpose of all these entries is to document the changes in me as I follow the Higher Self path. It is not my intention to make you like me in terms of actions. In general I want to document the […]

  17. Leela Solomon says:

    God bless you, Lincoln. I found you when I needed your particular transmission.

    _/|\_ Thank you for your work.

  18. Nthabiseng Mokoena says:

    Thanks for this opportunity and I think I need help

  19. Nthabiseng Mokoena says:

    I think I have awakening I need help

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