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Wednesday, March 25th, 2020
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Satsang with the Self returns to a live streaming format starting next month. Experience a live Higher Self channeling one day per week, every week beginning in April 2020.

When the Satsang with the Self began 11 years ago, in January 2009, it was a live online event. Participants could watch Lincoln channel and share in conversation afterwards.

The Satsang with the Self series will continue to be posted online as free YouTube videos.

When is the live stream for the Satsang with the Self?

The Satsang is held every Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern Time / 6:00pm Pacific Time USA.

Each Satsang live stream is approximately 1 hour long.

All Satsang with the Self events are recorded and posted on YouTube. As usual, one or two Satsang with the Self videos are released each week on YouTube.

The first live streaming Satsang will be Thursday April 9, 2020.

How will each weekly meeting look?

Each Satsang with the Self event will feature a Higher Self channeled teaching. Some Satsangs will include guided meditations or energy practices. At time 2 different teachings will be given during the same Satsang. The topic(s) for each Satsang is usually chosen by the Higher Self and is not known beforehand. On some occasions the audience will be asked to suggest a topic.

How much does it costs to participate in a live stream Satsang with the Self?

Participation in a live stream Satsang costs $10.00 US Dollars.

When can I register for a Satsang?

You can register at the bottom of this website. Use the “Add to Cart” button below to register for a Satsang with the Self live stream event. Choose the date from the list below when completing your purchase.

What will I receive after I register?

After you register for a Satsang, your email address will be added to the list of registered viewers for the private live stream on YouTube. On the day of the Satsang you will be emailed the YouTube link to access your private live stream video.

Can I purchase recordings from past Satsang with the Self videos?

Yes. All Satsang with the Self videos are posted for free on YouTube for unlimited viewing. If you desire an MP3 audio recording, they are available for purchase and download on the Channel Higher Self website. Simply go to the webpage for the video you desire to download and look for the “Download Now” button towards the top of the webpage. Then complete the check out process to receive the instant download.

Register for a live streaming Satsang

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Pay via Amazon Gift Card:

Click here and enter the amount $10.00
In the note on the gift card, type the date of the Satsang you will attend. Send the gift card to lincoln at channelhigherself dot com

Pay via Check or Money Order:

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Include a note in the mailed envelope that states the date of the Satsang you will attend.

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