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If you are purchasing more than one mp3 file or CD, please do not check out until you have placed all items in your shopping cart.  This will save me paying multiple transaction fees.   Thank you and many blessings.

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PayPal and major US credit cards are accepted. I also accept personal checks or US dollars mailed to me. You can contact me to request this alternate payment method.

MP3 Delivery

All mp3 files are instant downloads.  You will be given download links after your purchase is verified.  All files will download as a compressed .zip file.  This file must be extracted to play the mp3s.  Windows, Mac and Linux have “unzipping” built-in. When you click on the zip file, it will open a folder. At the top of the folder in the icons/buttons/menu, locate the “unzip” or “extract” option. Select this and the .zip folder will be extracted into the standard mp3 file format. Zip folders are the most common compression format. Your computer will already know how to extract .zip files.  You may also drag-and-drop the mp3 files out of the .zip folder onto your desktop.  This will unzip the files and allow them to be played.

Smartphone Users

If you are downloading directly from a mobile phone, you will need to extract/unzip the file before you can listen to the mp3s.   Please download an “unzip” app for your phone.  There are free versions available.

iPhone: iZip (click to download app)

Android: WinZip (click to download app)

Please try using this software first.  If you have difficulty and your phone cannot extract/unzip, please message me and I can send you the mp3 files directly.