About Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self is an online project featuring channelling session by Lincoln.

About Lincoln, a channel for Higher Self consciousness

A spiritual teacher with over 300 channeled videos, Lincoln has guided many with his messages of unconditional love.  Born with the gift of a quiet mind, it was only natural that he would be available to Higher Self to bring clear messages through to those who seek his services.  His sessions go to the heart of the matter and bring forth direct messages from your Higher Self. The Higher Self empowers you by guiding you to the deeper issues beneath the questions.

Recent Video Series

99 Days 99 Channels

During a Higher Self channel session, I was guided to offer my services to a larger audience, free of charge, in a very fast and effective manner. I was given the idea to record 99 channels in 99 days, and post these videos on the internet.

These channel messages will be for the benefit of humankind by offering another perspective on a wide variety of topics.

To fill all 99 channel videos, I am requesting my YouTube subscribers to submit questions and topics that I may channel answers to.

Please visit 99 Days 99 Channels to watch all 99 videos.  Or visit the blog section 99 Days 99 Channels video series.

Satsang with the Self

In January 2009, I will began my second Channeling Higher Self video series on YouTube.

Satsang with the Self is a modern day re-creation of the traditional satsang teaching enivronment using 21st century technology. Take part in a digital internet ashram, live fully interactive video streamed to you over the internet every weekend.  Recorded videos are uploaded to YouTube and posted on my website each week.

Learn more about the process of spiritual awakening.  Participate in a new guided meditation every week.   Stay connected to your Higher Self with the Satsang with the Self videos.

Please visit Satsang with the Self to watch these videos.  Or visit the blog section Satsang with the Self video series.

Personal Channelling Higher Self Sessions

Lincoln offer personal one-on-one or group channelling Higher Self sessions.  Available via the telephone, email, mp3, CD, DVD, or YouTube video.

Please visit Channelling Higher Self for more information.