Support Another Program

Since 2005, I have offered Higher Self channeling sessions that provide information, guidance and energetic support for people desiring spiritual awakening and overall improvement in their lives.  For 15 years, I have worked one-on-one with thousands of people in countless countries with a “no minimum donation” policy.  As the popularity of my channeling grew, it became more difficult to continue offering sessions this way.  All of my available free time was being used and some people would abuse my generosity.

In 2019, I created  the Support Another Program program as a way to make my service available to people who have difficulty paying the full cost of a one-on-one Higher Self channeling session or membership in the Higher Self Inner Circle.  Through this program, donators can help others to experience the benefit of the Higher Self’s guidance.

Support Another Program for Clients Living in Economically Developing Countries

I have a strong desire to offer financial support to sincere people who may experience difficulty donating the recommended amounts for my services. To make this possible, I have created the Support Another Program. Anyone can donate to the Support Another Program. This program is a fund of money to compensate the donation of one-on-one session recipients and Inner Circle members who have difficulty meeting the recommended donation amount and live in a country officially classified as a “Developing Country” or “Least Developed Country” by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations (UN).

How the Support Another Program works:

1) Any person who desires to support another person living in a less economically prosperous situation may make a donation on behalf of this person. This donation will provide compensation that fully funds the one-on-one personal Higher Self channeling session or membership in a 3-month Inner Circle cycle.  The donation can be in any amount.

  • Click here to give a donation to the Support Another Program

2) The recipient of the Support Another funds are required to meet the following criteria:

A) The recipient must reside in a country that is classified as a “Developing Country” or “Least Developed Country” by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations (UN). To view a list of the Developing Countries and Least Developed Countries, click this link.

B) The recipient must provide their own donation, in addition to the Support Another Program’s compensation. The recipient’s donation must be given with sincerity and an understanding of fairness.  The amount of the recipient’s donation will be determined by the economic circumstances of the recipient.

3) To become a recipient of the Support Another Program, please fill out this form located on this website . Once approved, your name will be added to a list of recipients. You will be contacted again when your session is ready to be scheduled.

4) Recipients are chosen on a first come, first served basis.  A recipient’s name will appear on the list once. After the recipient receives their personal session or Inner Circle membership, the recipient may submit their name to be added to the list again.  A recipient can receive multiple personal sessions or Inner Circle memberships over time.

5) At the beginning of each month, the amount of new donations in the Support Another Program will be used.  The amount of the donations will determine how many personal sessions and Inner Circle memberships are given.

6) At the beginning of each month, the recipient of the funding will be contacted to have their personal session scheduled or Inner Circle membership confirmed.  At this time, the recipient will have 5 days  to respond to the email and submit their donation. Failure to respond or donate within these 5 days will forfeit their eligibility.

7) In the case of forfeit, the next person on the list will then be contacted in lieu of the original recipient.  I highly recommend that all recipients have their donation amount prepared prior to the scheduling of their session. Failure to donate at the time of scheduling will forfeit their session.

8) If the recipient fails to appear at the scheduled time for their session, their session will be considered complete. No refunds will be provided for missed sessions.  The recipient may reschedule their session without penalty.  All rescheduling must be completed 72 hours (3 days) before the appointment.

9) After the recipient receives their session or their membership concludes, the recipient’s name will be removed from the list of recipients. The recipient may then submit their name to be added to the list again.

The purpose of this program is to support sincere seekers of the Higher Self’s guidance. All people have unlimited creative success inside of them, flowing through them, and surrounding them, flowing towards them. In the Higher Self Teachings, we learn how to perceive, access and create with the unlimited creative energy of life. As creators, we learn about the unlimited creative energy of our Consciousness, minds, emotions, physical body and physical world.

The Support Another program is designed to supply additional support to those people already applying what is taught by the Higher Self. If you are new to the Higher Self Teachings, please watch my videos . My videos will help you to create the changes in yourself that will provide you with increased creative success and happiness.

I wish you peace, happiness, success and Love in you all areas of your life.