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Monday, August 9th, 2021
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Now available – Purchase any of the past Higher Self Inner Circle cycles.  Receive all 13 weeks of videos and audio files and experience the 3-month Higher Self guided journey of awakening.  Cycle topics are listed below.

When you are ready to purchase, please contact me and tell me:

  1. The cycle you are interested in purchasing.
  2. Your first and last name.
  3. Your email address connected to your YouTube account.
    *Here are instructions to find the email address if you need help.
  4. The payment method will be using.

After you email me with the requested information and send your payment, I will email with instructions to access the video and audio files.  Usually you will receive this email within 24 hours because I must manually add your YouTube account’s email address to each private video.

The cost for one Inner Cycle cycle is $333.33.  Please visit this page to learn more about the structure of each meeting, what you will receive and how to join the next Inner Circle livestream course.

Higher Self Inner Circle Cycle Titles and Descriptions

Spring 2020 – Embody More of Your Higher Self State in Your Human Reality

Expand, deepen and strengthen your connection to your Higher Self in this 13 week cycle teaching Higher Self embodiment.  The Higher Self is not an external being; the Higher Self is your true state of personal mastery.  Communicating with the Higher Self is not enough.  We must expand ourselves into the higher dimensions, deepen ourselves into the Spiritual Heart, and strengthen our connection to our greater intelligence, awareness and energy.  We must embody our Higher Self.  For 13 weeks received channeled knowledge and a series of advanced meditation practices that will help you to experience more of your Higher Self.  If you are desiring a stronger Higher Self connection, this is the place to start.

Sample Lessons

Summer 2020 – Transforming Your Human Personality to Become a Greater Expression of Your Higher Self

The human personality is the interface between your soul and the external world. If the human personality is filled with limiting beliefs and emotional wounds from the past, channeling your Higher Self and creating the life you desire are very difficult.  This Higher Self Inner Circle cycle focuses on emotional purification, the healing of psychological wounds and past traumas, the removal of psychological patterns of limitation, and other important areas of personal transformation.  Channeled teachings are given that help you understand how our personalities are formed and how we can reshape our personalities to become supportive of our happiness and not causes of suffering.  Receive guided meditations and advanced energy practices to transform your personality into a greater experience of your conscious self and your Higher Self.

Sample Lessons

Autumn 2020 – Awaken Perception in Meditation & Nonphysical Reality

Develop your ability to meditate correctly and awaken yourself in nonphysical reality.  This Inner Circle cycle teaches you how to deepen your state of inner silence and expand your awareness using the practice of meditation.  We learn how to silence the thoughts and still the emotional energies, while also opening our mind’s eye to perceive non-physical forms of light.  The Higher Self teaches us how to perceive the light of our Spiritual Heart and non-physical forms in the astral dimension, how to telepathically communicate with our Higher Self and higher dimensional beings like spirit guides and Ascended Masters, and how to access the Akashic Records and receive information from the Universal Mind.  This cycle helps you to develop deep silence in the human body and mind so that accessing higher states of consciousness becomes easy.

Sample Lessons

Winter 2021 – Manifesting the Experiences You Desire in your Physical Reality

Through 13 lessons you are led on a journey from the origin of your creative self, the I AM, into the fullest expression of your personal reality, the physical world.  Each week the focus is on a new layer of your creative journey and the knowledge necessary to master it.  We examine the role of the soul in the process of creation and why the desire of God to experience itself as a Creator is being fulfilled by your personal journey of awakening.  We learn how to increase our own personal creative power by connecting more fully to God and our soul.  Practices are given to remove the blocks to successful creative manifestation in the chakra system.  Each chakra and its emotions are examined and transformed.  By the end of 13 weeks you will have received knowledge and energy practices that have connected you to your sources of creative power, increased the flow of creative energy through your multidimensional layers, identified and removed the blocks to success, and merged the outer world and inner self in creative union.

Spring 2021 – Creating Mastery in Your Human Relationships

Relationships are, for many, the most challenging part of the human experience.  Receive the Higher Self’s support, wisdom and guidance to help you understand how to create healthy relationships that give you the happiness that you desire to receive.  In the typical Higher Self style, the journey towards relationship mastery begins by increasing your ability to observe, watch, listen and receive.  Only through quiet perception can we create an accurate understanding of ourselves and others without the projections that are commonplace in relationships.  The teachings continue by examining the purpose of human relationships, what relationships teach us, and how we can grow as souls through our relationships.  The major blocks to happiness are taught and practices are shared that uncover and transform our deepest challenges like fear, trust, vulnerability, and honesty.  Finally, strategies are given that help you create from unity consciousness to receive what we truly desire from another – all without ego tactics like guilt, shame, anger and fear.  No longer do we need to use duality strategies to create cooperation in relationships.

Sample Lessons

Summer 2021 – Learn to Channel Energies for Healing Yourself and Others

The Higher Self teaches the science of frequencies, energy channeling and energy healing.  Learn multiple methods to channel energy into your own energy body and physical body, as well as how to channel energy to help others.  Your physical body is a hologram of your energy body.  The health of your psyche and emotions determine the health of your physical body.  Every organ in your body holds the energy of specific aspects of your psyche.  For 13 weeks the Higher Self teaches you about your physical body’s health and guides you in energy practices that transform the psychological and emotional energy in your organs.  This program will teach you how to channel spiritual energy into your body to improve your health and transform your psychological conditioning.

Sample Lessons

Autumn 2021 – Mind Mastery with the Higher Self

Your mind is your primary creative tool. Learn how to create with your mind while in the higher mind state with the use of visualization practices, affirmations, and toning sound frequencies. Reprogram your mind by working with the power of intention. Create frequencies in your energy body using your mind.  Quickly and easily silence unwanted thoughts and increase the depth of your inner silence. The Higher Self teaches you how the mind works and how to most effectively create with your mind in this 3 month Inner Circle cycle.

Sample Lessons:

Winter 2022 – Deep Emotional Healing in the Chakra System

Your chakra system is your human psyche. Every part of our personality is stored in our chakra system. When we experience life our mind is constantly using it’s understanding (which is stored in the chakras) to interpret and respond to what we are perceiving. Our chakra system contains our emotions, our memories, our ideas and beliefs, our desires, and our interpretations. In this Higher Self Inner Circle cycle you will receive 90 days of channeled teachings, guided meditations and energy practices to increase your perception of your chakra system and to transform it’s content. Become a conscious creator of your human mind and emotions.

Sample Lessons:

Spring 2022 – 90 Days of Higher Self Energy Activation

An energy activation is when we receive higher dimension energy into our human energy system. Most often the higher energy enters us through the crown chakra – because a true energy activation comes from the higher dimensions. Energy activation can also be received through the Spiritual Heart when the higher energy is generated at our soul level.

Learn the science of higher dimension energy activation and receive 13 channeled energy activation meditations. You will feel more awake, more alive, more radiant and more blissful as you receive these higher energies.

Sample Lessons:

Summer 2022 – Learn to Channel Intuition and Guidance From Your Higher Self

Everyone has a Higher Self.  It is your inner teacher.  You can learn how to awaken higher abilities in your mind to communicate directly with your Higher Self.  This Inner Circle cycle will teach you how to use your intuition to determine if something is in alignment with your soul’s path and higher purpose. You will receive a series of advanced energy practices that awaken your kundalini and open higher states of mind.  Learn telepathy to have conversations with your Higher Self.  Open your mind’s eye to receive visions from higher dimensions and your Higher Self.  You are becoming your Higher Self. Accelerate your ascension process with the help of this Inner Circle cycle.

Sample Lessons:

Autumn 2022 – Creating Health and Healing the Body Using Higher Self Wisdom and Methods

Receive the Higher Self’s perceptive on health and the human body. Learn why we experience illness in the body and the specific beliefs connected to each organ in the body. Learn how to evolve your psyche by transforming illness-causing beliefs into health-causing beliefs. Receive guided meditations and learn methods that quickly transform illness into health.

Sample Lessons:

Winter 2023 – Energize Your Brain to Awaken Higher Mental and Psychic Powers with the Higher Self

Your brain is the control center for your entire physical reality. The brain regulates the functions of the entire human body to control your physical health. The brain has memory, intellect, comprehension, imagination and expression – all of which together determine what happens in our lives. Even nonphysical perception happens through the brain’s interaction with the nonphysical energy body. Work with the Higher Self to develop your brain power and awaken greater physical and nonphysical mental abilities.

Sample Lessons:

Spring 2023 – Remove the Resistance Stopping Your Spiritual Awakening and Manifestation Success

You have always been the creator of your life. Knowing yourself as a creator and aligning with your goals will create your success.  Resisting the idea of being the creator and resisting your inner guidance will create your failure.  Alignment is trust, confidence, gratitude, enjoyment, enthusiasm, celebration, expression and allowance. Resistance is confusion, fear, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, avoidance and denial. With the help of the Higher Self learn how to work with your psychological patterns of resistance that are delaying your success.  Learn specific methods to identify and remove the root causes for your resistance to living the very highest expression of yourself.

Sample Lessons:

Summer 2023 – Frequency Mastery with the Law of Vibration: Like Attracts Like

Like attracts like in our human reality. The specific frequencies of emotional energy we create in our energy bodies vibrate out into the world to attract back to us matching experiences.  A happy person, for example, attracts experiences that support their happiness in the world.  While a fearful person attracts experiences that validate their fears.

For 13 weeks, you will be taught how the Law of Vibration works.  Each week you will receive a new teaching that helps you master all aspects of this multi-dimensional creative process.  Each week you will also receive a guided meditation that focuses on one specific frequency.  As you create this frequency every day, you will experience the Law of Vibration at work.  In very specific ways, your external world will validate that you are the creator of your reality.

Sample Lessons

Autumn 2023 – Stop The Mind and Experience Fully the Present Moment

Are you ready to live in the present moment with a silent mind?  Imagine walking through the world with no thoughts and no emotional reactions.  Imagine only hearing silence inside of your mind.   Your inner peace would be profound.  Feeling unity with the world would be your constant experience.

Authentic meditation stops the mind. That is the final goal that meditation builds towards.  Yoga refers to it as samadhi.  Buddhism calls it nirvana.  In the west, we call it enlightenment.  But few meditators learn how to stop the mind’s activities and experience these exalted states of pure consciousness.  Why? The science is simple and the practices are easy.

For 90 days, you will learn how to enter into present moment awareness with a mind free from thoughts and emotional reactions.  Each meeting will contain important instruction that pinpoints precise ways that we can adjust our meditation practice to improve its effectiveness.

Sample Lessons

Winter 2024 – Learning to Love Yourself with Advanced Energy Practices

The focus of this Higher Self Inner Circle is you!  That’s right, you!  You are the most important person that you will ever know.  How you define yourself in your own mind will determine how everything else in your life manifests.  In this human reality, we are only as happy as our mind’s believe we are.

The quest for personal happiness has been considered the greatest purpose of life.  What is happiness?  And how can we increase our happiness?

For three months, you will receive channeled information to help you understand the power you have to change  your mind and the beliefs you have about yourself.  You will receive tips and techniques to make working with your mind an easier and less stressful process.  Your subconscious mind and your personality structure wants you to reprogram it.  Your mind is designed to take instruction from you – the consciousness.  You will learn how this can be done in a highly effective way.

Samples Lessons:

Spring 2024 – Transform Your Relationships with Channeled Wisdom and Energy Practices

Let’s expand and share the very best of ourselves in our relationships with the people we share our lives with. Channeled teachings will help you to understand the deep beliefs you have about yourself and other people that play out as the roles that manifest in your relationship.  Channeled wisdom from the higher dimensions will guide you to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering, love-based ideas that truly support your greatest happiness.

Explore, learn and master how you relate to other people in the next Higher Self Inner Circle.  Perform shadow work to discover your limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotional patterns preventing you from greater love and happiness. Receive channeled energy practices to cleanse, heal and awaken your chakras – the emotional energy centers that make up your psyche. Your human personality is a structure of energy and you can transform it using Higher Self channeled frequencies of emotional energy.

Sample Lessons:

Summer 2024 – Coming Soon

This is the next Inner Circle cycle. Registration to participate live is now available.

The next 3-month Higher Self channeled Inner Circle course begins on Sunday, July 7.  Subscribe to my website’s email list to receive announcements and new videos.

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    i want to ask the price anddates ” Create Your Greatest Health with Spiritual Wisdom”.
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  2. Lincoln says:

    This cycle began in October 2022. The price for an Inner Circle cycle is $333.33. You can find instructions at the top of this webpage.

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