The Science of Authentic Ancient Meditation: Consciousness Becomes One with the Body | Week 6

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023
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Experience non-duality in the body while meditating. Ancient meditation teachings us to be in the body as consciousness. We increase our connection to our body and psyche by expanding our consciousness – not by leaving the body. By focusing correctly, we will experience the non-dual state in a genuine integrated way.

Too often meditators drift away in a disconnected state of mind. This leads to a reduction of awakening and psychological patterns stay active and human suffering continues.

We cannot escape the physical reality and expect spiritual enlightenment. We must connect more deeply into the forms of God’s Universe to awaken to who and what we truly are.

Experience week 6 of this Higher Self Inner Circle masterclass that teaches authentic meditation. The science of authentic meditation will teach you to build an effortless state of inner silence without thoughts, emotional reactions and mind activity.

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Every Higher Self Inner Circle has over 50 hours of channeled teachings and at least 13 guided meditations and advanced energy practices to help you master many areas of your human experience. I have been creating these channeled master class courses since 2020 and have channeled on many topics to help you spiritually awaken.


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