Healing the Psychological Energy of Your Solar Plexus Organs: Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen

Monday, November 21st, 2022
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The health of your physical body is mainly determined by your psychological beliefs and emotions. Your emotions are psychological energies generated in the energy body that create a matrix of vibration within the physical body. Your emotions determine the health of your physical body and it’s internal organs. Understanding how this works is necessary to experience your highest states of physical health.

Week 8 of this Higher Self Inner Circle directs our consciousness into the masculine and feminine organs of the solar plexus area of the body. The right side of the body contains a stronger flow of masculine energy and the left side of the body contains a stronger flow of feminine energy. Both men and women have these two sides of their energy body. Everyone contains male and female energies.

Located on the right side of your solar plexus area are the liver and gallbladder. These organs are governed by masculine energy. Located on the left side of your solar plexus are the pancreas and spleen. These organs are governed by feminine energy.

When the energy dynamic and energy balance are off, then weakness and even illness will manifest in these organs. The health of the blood will be affected. The digestion of sugars, fats and proteins will be affected. Our energy levels will drop and our brain will become foggy. Human function in greatly affected by the energetic balance and health of these solar plexus organs.

Throughout our human lives, we have experiences that condition our understanding of who we are and what the world is to us. Learn how to change this psychological conditioning in this Higher Self Inner Circle master class.

Receive valuable information that will help you to improve your health and change you life.

Experience a channeled guided meditation to heal emotional energy blocks and re-balance the energy of your solar plexus area.

This video is Week 8 of the 13 week Higher Self Inner Circle that teaches how to Create the Highest Health in Your Physical Body. This course can be purchase at my website here.


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