The Missing Piece for Successful Manifestation is the Sacred Vibration

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023
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Manifestation works – but you must connect your energy system into physical matter to be successful.  Missing from many manifestation teachings is this knowledge.

Receive one of 13 lessons in the Summer 2023 Higher Self Inner Circle that teaches frequency mastery with the Law of Vibration (also known as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance).  Each lesson adds an essential piece to your journey of spiritual ascension.

Our reality is a creation made of vibrating particles of divine energy. In every moment we are changing the vibration of these God particles to manifest our thoughts, emotions, body’s health and life events. Souls awakened to the wisdom of being a creator are able to consciously shape all the parts of their lives and experience happiness during their soul’s journey.

Step into more of your divinity and experience more success as a creator manifesting the life experiences that you desire in this Higher Self Inner Circle channeled masterclass.

What do you think of Week 9 of the Channel Higher Self masterclass called “Frequency Mastery with the Law of Vibration: Like Attracts Like”?

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Every Higher Self Inner Circle has over 50 hours of channeled teachings and at least 13 guided meditations and advanced energy practices to help you master many areas of your human experience. The Summer 2023 Inner Circle cycle is 3 month program that guides you with higher dimension information and frequencies of energy to raise your vibration and to accelerate your awakening. I hope that this sample class has helped you to create a greater life for yourself.


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