Create Your Greatest Health with Spiritual Wisdom and Energy | Higher Self Master Class

Monday, October 3rd, 2022
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The physical universe is pure energy. From your higher mind you are creating your life. Use higher spiritual principles and methods to improve your vitality, health and cellular vibration by working directly with energy and the power of your mind.

Humanity is awakening. Technology is advancing at accelerating rates. Physical medicine is expanding to include energy medicine. Our physical health is a result of our mind. The power to create greater states of health is in your hands.

Take responsibility for your life as a creative journey. Consciously expand your consciousness into physical matter and with the power of your mind create a healthier, happier physical body.

Experience the first of 13 classes in the Autumn 2022 Higher Self Inner Circle cycle called: Creating Health and Healing the Body Using Higher Self Wisdom and Methods. Receive 13 guided meditations to take your health to another level. Receive over 40 hours of information from the higher spiritual dimensions to help you understand the human reality from an enlightened perspective.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is the next evolution of teaching methods – using channeled instruction in a fully interactive, multi-dimensional learning environment. Embrace your opportunity to ascend into greater states of health and happiness with the support of higher light beings and your Higher Self .

To experience the 13 week program visit: Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles



  1. Darius Garland says:

    I would like to purchase the 13 week Create Your Greatest Health with Spiritual Wisdom and Energy | Higher Self Master Class.

    Thank you

  2. Wylan says:

    Thank you Lincoln, one of my favorite channels yet.

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