Master the 5 Stages of Learning with the Higher Self | Week 11

Monday, March 13th, 2023
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Learn how to learn properly. In schools, we are taught to memorize – not to learn. With these 5 steps you will learn to how to learn from the perfect design of God’s Universe.

The Winter 2023 cycle of the Higher Self Inner Circle teachings how to add energy into the brain and mind to awaken accelerated learning and higher states of consciousness.  In week 11 of this 13 weeks course, we examine the topic of learning and discuss the 5 stages of the learning process.  Once these steps are mastered, genuine learning becomes easy.

Learning is not the same as memorizing.  The brain can memorize anything but it doesn’t give us the understanding of anything.  Memorizing concepts are not the same as knowledge.

In the first lessons of this Inner Circle cycle, we improved our memory and ability to recall our past experiences.  Now, in week 11, we are moving into the comprehension and learning.  Experience of all of the lessons in this Higher Self master class by purchasing all of 13 lessons of the Winter 2023 Inner Circle .


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