Prepare Yourself for Shadow Work by Strengthening Your Soul’s Intention and Will

Monday, January 8th, 2024
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Learn a meditation that strengthens your soul’s will power, intention and heart’s desire. This is the creative energy that expresses from your soul into your human mind and emotions to create the changes you desire in your life. Before we work deep within the psyche to heal our trauma and human conditioning, we must connect with our soul and strength our will power.

We all know that deep inner work is difficult. Going into the unhealed emotions can be a painful process. It’s difficult to feel the emotions that we don’t want to feel and wish would vanish forever. And, at the same time, we know that being real with ourselves and feeling difficult emotions is necessary for true personal growth.

Shadow work, healing trauma and spiritual therapy require us to be powerful creators. We must see ourselves as capable healers and dedicated to spiritual awakening. To make the process of personal growth easier, we can harness the power of our soul.

A powerful creative energy flows out of your soul. This energy can be focused and directed towards our personal goals – especially our goals of emotional healing and personal growth.

Learn a Higher Self channeled meditation that strengthens your soul’s intention and will power. Bring this sacred, creative energy into the 3 layers of your human self – body, emotions and mind. Align your human self with your soul and your Higher Self in this channeled meditation.

This video is the first lesson of the Winter 2024 Higher Self Inner Circle called “Learning to Love Yourself with Advanced Energy Practices”. The entire masterclass course can be purchased on my website. If you join during January 2024, you will receive access to the weekly live stream meetings on Zoom. Everyone will also receive video and audio recordings for future use.

The Inner Circle is 90 day program designed to accelerate spiritual awakening by working with your Higher Self and the higher spiritual dimensions. Over 50 hours of information, instruction and practices are provided to help you breakthrough your human limitations and become more of your Higher Self.

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