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Thursday, March 12th, 2020
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The Higher Self Inner Circle is a 3-month master class designed for the dedicated student of the Higher Self teachings who wants to receive more advanced information, instruction, guided meditations and energy empowerment.  This program creates accelerated personal development and spiritual awakening.  Every 3-month cycle features a new topic and more than 15 cycles have already been created.

The webpage you are on provides information about the structure of the Higher Self Inner Circle and how to register.   You can scroll to the bottom of this webpage for information about registration and payment. 

If you would like to view the Inner Circle topics, please visit Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles.

I look forward to guiding you deeper into your self and helping you experience more of who you truly are.

When does the Higher Self Inner Circle meet?

The Inner Circle meets every Sunday at 11:00am Eastern Time USA / 8:00am Pacific Time USA.

Each meeting is 3-3.5 hours in duration.

If a member is unable to attend the live meeting, the recording will be made available soon after the meeting concludes. Under normal circumstances, the recording will be online within 24 hours.

Attendance during the live meeting is not required. Every registered member will have access to the video and audio recordings each week.

The Inner Circle is organized into 4 cycles each year. Each cycle contains 3 months of weekly meetings. Each cycle contains about 45-50 hours of Higher Self teachings and guided meditations.

How will each weekly meeting look?

Higher Self channeled meditations, guided energy practices and Higher Self energy empowerment will be the focus of each weekly meeting.

Each Inner Circle meeting will begin with a Higher Self channeled teaching and guided meditation. This usually lasts 1 hour.

After the teaching and guided meditation, the Higher Self will answer questions presented by members of the group. The question and answer period will run until the conclusion of the weekly meeting. The question and answer period is usually 2 hours.

Member questions can be related to the topics of that day and also to non-related topics. Please ask questions that are of interest personally and also of benefit to the entire group. The channel or the channel’s assistant will select which questions will be answered. Not all questions will be answered due to the restrictions of time.

How much does becoming a member of the Inner Circle cost?

The introductory price is $111.11 US Dollars per month. Because the purpose of the Inner Circle is accelerated personal development, participation for the entire 3-month period is required.

As a member of the Inner Circle, you will receive approximately 45-50 hours of teachings per cycle. This averages to about $25.00 per week or $7.00 per hour of Higher Self channeled teachings and guided meditations that you will experience live each week and be able to own and use as often as you like.

In addition the use of sacred numbers, this amount is below the US minimum wage for most states and therefore is affordable to nearly every person in the United States and most developed countries.

When can I join the Higher Self Inner Circle?

Enrollment for the next cycle is currently open. The sign up button to register is at the bottom of this webpage.

The next Inner Circle cycle includes January, February and March of 2024.  Please register by Saturday, January 6, 2024.  We begin the first meeting on Sunday, January 7.

What will I receive as a member?

As an active member of the Inner Circle, you will be receive:

  • access to a once-per-week live web streaming teachings and meditations with Lincoln as he channels the Higher Self Consciousness
  • access to watch the video recordings for every Inner Circle gathering that is part of the current module.
  • the ability to stream the audio recordings for the current module.

Can I purchase recordings from past Inner Circle modules?

Yes. All Inner Circle recordings will be made available for purchase. If you are a member of an active cycle, you will receive those recordings at no additional cost. You may also purchase recordings from any cycle. All recordings will be available for purchase on the Channel Higher Self website here.

The identity of all participants in the Inner Circle meetings will be kept private and will not be included in the recordings.

* * * Registration Instructions * * *

How can I register to become a member of the Higher Self Inner Circle?

Registration for the Winter 2024 (January, February, March) Inner Circle is now open.

When you are ready to register, please choose your method of payment below. The name and email address you use at the time of payment will be used as your registration contact information. If you would like to use a different name or email address, please contact me after completing your payment process. Payment will be required at the time of registration.

You may either pay in full or pay in 3 installments.

1. Pay in Full.  Pay the total amount of $333.33 before Saturday, January 6.  

2. Pay $111.11 each month. Please make your first payment by Saturday, January 6 and your 2nd and 3rd payments before the first Sunday of February and March. Make each payment $111.11.

You may pay using using one of the methods below.


To send payment using PayPal, please follow these instructions.  By choosing “Sending to a Friend” I can avoid the expense of PayPal fees and can keep the memberships costs low. Sign into your PayPal account at
Select “Send & Request” from the top blue menu bar
Enter the email lincoln at
Enter your amount in US Dollars.
Select the “Continue” button.
On the next page, select “Sending to a Friend”
In the “Add a Note” box, enter your first and last name and “Inner Circle”
Select “Continue” and you’re done.


If you prefer to use Venmo, send payment using this link

Cash App

You may send payment using Cash App.  Please contact me for my account information.


You may send payment directly from your US bank account using Zelle.  Please send payment to lincoln at

Apple Pay

If you prefer to pay using Apple Pay, please reply to this email to request my Apple Pay contact information.  Currently Apple Pay is for US residents only.

Amazon Gift Card

If you prefer to make payments in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, use this link and send the gift card to lincoln at

Western Union

If you prefer to pay using Western Union, please contact me to request my contact information.

Personal Check or Money Order

If you prefer to mail a personal check or money order, please contact me to request my contact information. Check or Money Order is for US residents only.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Is it possible to join this group outside of the US? I’m in Australia and would like to participate.

  2. Lincoln says:

    Yes, of course. Anyone with an internet connection can participate as I channel live on streaming video. I have chosen Sunday at 11:00am Pacific Time USA to accommodate most of my viewers who live in North America and Europe. If you are unable to participate live because of the time zone conversion, you can still watch the recorded video as long as you are a member. All videos are private and available to members only. Every weekly meeting will have 2 videos – the meditation section and the q&a section. These videos will remain online for viewing for the entire cycle, and a few weeks after the cycle ends. Also, I will provide downloadable mp3 audio recordings of the meditations and q&a for anyone who desires to listen offline and for members with low speed internet connections or data plan limits. I’ve tried to provide every way possible for the members to use these meetings and extend their benefit.

  3. Sanjai Verma says:

    I am trying to join the next Inner Circle beginning in July, there seems to be a technical problem with PayPal at present. When is the latest I can join please?

  4. Cat Panettieri says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all that you do. I have only fairly recently discovered your youtube channel and website, but I have developed, some might say, an addiction to your higher self teachings and have them playing at every opportunity: whilst I’m preparing meals for my family, having a quick coffee, early in the morning before my family rises or as a meditation throughout the day. Sadly I missed joining this current inner circle, but I will keep an eye out for the 2021 circle. I love all your teachings and have had many a-ha moments and indeed moments where my heart was so deeply touched, that tears ran from my eyes. Please keep doing what you are doing, you are a magnificent shining light in our world. With much love and gratitude, Cat

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  6. Reserved says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    I would like to join the first cycle of Inner Circle in 2021 please. Is the theme conscious creation? Is the registration open? Thanks.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Hello Imaan, I have emailed you the instructions for your registration. I am happy that you are able to join us. Many people benefit greatly from participating in these lessons.

  8. Clarice says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    Can I please also get the link for payment to join the inner circle 2021?
    Thank you so much.

  9. Shrooq says:

    When and how can I ask questions if I watched the recording offline? considering I won’t be able to attend the live meeting because of my time zone.

  10. Vonetta Wills says:

    Thank u

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    Is it already known when the next circle will start?
    Thanks! Karen

  12. Kavitha Prasad says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    I would be interested in knowing about the next inner circle program that starts from October 2021 onwards. I’m from India and would want to know the payment mechanisms accordingly.

    Much love… Kavitha

  13. Colette says:

    Dear Lincoln
    Anything could happen at anytime,i know, also maybe you dont want me to.If not, Is it too late to join the Autumn inner circle? There is a deep yearning to change and live from my spiritual heart.

  14. Reuel Suazo says:

    Hi Lincoln, just became aware of the inner circle. today is 4/9, so I i have missed sessions 1 and 2. Would it be too rushed to join now and catch up?

  15. Lincoln says:

    Yes, you can still join.

  16. Pia Thomas says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    I would like to sign up for a inner circle session in October 2023. I ‘d like to make a payment by personal check. Could you please email me your address to send the check. And please let me know the next step. Thank you , Pia Thomas

  17. Tracy says:

    Hi Lincoln.
    I recently found your teachings and they are bringing clarity and resonating. I have been trying to register for the next inner circle cycle. I am unable to find the ‘button’ to the form for registration.
    If you can email me the information thank you so much.

  18. Lincoln says:

    Hello Tracy. The instructions are located at the bottom of this webpage. You can use my contact form to send me a message. Contact and use one of the payment methods also listed on this webpage. I realize that there is a lot of information presented on this webpage. I hope it wasn’t confusing.

  19. Lincoln says:

    Hello Pia Thomas. I have sent you an email with instructions for sending your payment. I am happy to have you join this next cycle of Higher Self teachings. I wish you a wonderful day.

  20. Jamal Safavi says:

    Hi,i can’t find a page to sign up, please let me know how.
    thank you

  21. Lincoln says:

    Hello Jamal. I have emailed you the instructions. There are also instructions at the bottom of this webpage. The instructions have you send me an email and send payment using one of the methods listed. I look forward to channeling for you for the next 3 months.

  22. Leira Bristol says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    I would like to register for the 3 month Inner Circle starting in Oct-Dec. But first I would like to know what time on Sundays does it usually start? I have commitments every Sunday from 7am – 9:30a pacific time and would like to know if I will be able to commit to it before I register.

    could you please let me know what time does it start?
    Also, I could not fine the button on this page where to register.

    thanks so much

  23. Lincoln says:

    Hello Leira. Thank you for your interest in this new Higher Self Inner Circle cycle. I have emailed you the registration information and a FAQ email that will answer all of your questions. Each meeting starts at 11:00am Eastern Time USA on Sunday (8:00am Pacific Time) and runs for 3 to 3.5 hours. Every Zoom meeting is recorded. Audio and video recordings are emailed out on Sunday afternoon/evening. If you would miss parts or all of the Zoom meeting, you can use the recordings. If you have more questions that the emails do not answer, please let me know.


  24. Alan says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    I won’t be able to make this next series, but am interested in the following one. Are you planning on having one for Jan – March?
    Thank you.

  25. Lincoln says:

    Hello Alan. Yes, I will continue to offer the Inner Circle next year. Keep in mind that all of the Zoom meetings are recorded and emailed as video and audio files for use during the week. Some participants are unable to attend the live Zoom meetings on Sunday but use the recordings to participate. I hope that you have a wonderful day Alan. Thanks for reaching out.

  26. Deirdre says:

    Hi Lincoln

    I would like to join the autumn inner circle if possible 2023
    Thank you and kind regards

  27. Lincoln says:

    Excellent. I have just emailed the instructions to register. I am excited to channel for you for these next 3 months!

  28. Bridgette says:

    Hey Lincoln,
    I would like to register for the Oct, Nov, Dec, meditation course. Is this possible? Please send info to sign up if still available.
    Much Love,

  29. Lincoln says:

    Hello Bridgette. Thank you for your interest in this new Inner Circle cycle of teachings. I have emailed you the registration instructions so that you can get started. I am excited to channel for you! See you on Sunday!

  30. Nancy says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    I would like to know if I can still register for this Inner Circle Session.

    Thank you, Nancy

  31. Lincoln says:

    Hello Nancy. Yes registration remains open a few weeks after the cycle begins. I have emailed you instructions so that you can get started.

  32. Warren says:

    It looks like I missed this cycle. I will try to keep an eye out for the next one!

  33. Lincoln says:

    Hello Warren. You may still sign up for the current Inner Circle cycle. I usually leave the registration open for 3 weeks. I feel this is enough time to catch up. I have sent you an email with registration instructions if you feel guided to join everyone. I hope you have a blessed week.

  34. Ilona says:


    I would like to sign up for the inner circle. I can only affoed the installments. Is this still possible if I sign up end of October when I get paid?

  35. Ann Brown says:

    I’ve been listening to and practicing your teachings and meditations for only the past 6 months or so and it’s been transformational. I’m looking forward to joining in this winter cycle and learning and growing even more on my spiritual journey.

  36. Jennifer Sanchez says:

    Hi there I paid directly through Venmo on December 27 for the January through March cycle. The comment on the payment reference my email address and name. I realize the cycle is starting in Less than 48 hours, so I’m just trying to figure out how I can gain access on Sunday. Thanks so much.

  37. Lincoln says:

    Hi Jennifer. The emails that I have sent you bounced back from you email account, saying that the mailbox was full.

  38. Lincoln says:

    Hi Ann. I have sent you the email with instructions to register for this new Inner Circle cycle We begin tomorrow at 11:00am Eastern Time. I am excited to channel for you and I hope that you receive everything you desire from our work together.

  39. Geir Frode says:

    Hi Lincoln

    I see you started an inner circle at the 6. of January. Today it is the 11th. Is it to late to join now?

    Br Geir Frode

  40. Lincoln says:

    Hi Geir. Yes, you may still join the current Inner Circle cycle. I have emailed you instructions for registering and sending your payment. I look forward to channeling for you each week!

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