Add Power to Your Brain in this Inner Circle Lesson | Week 10

Monday, March 6th, 2023
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Add more power to your brain to improve concentration, remove distraction, accelerate learning and awaken higher mental abilities. Increasing your brain performance is easy when you have accurate information and well-designed practices.

The Higher Self is a higher dimension teacher. We all have a Higher Self that supplies us with the information we need to succeed in every area of our lives. For 3 months, I teach you from the Higher Self state and channel information and practices to help you succeed in your life.  The focus of the Winter 2023 Inner Circle is increasing the power of your mind and brain.

Add electricity to your brain and improve your memory, comprehension, ability to learn, effectiveness of visualization, lucid dreaming and more. With over 40 hours of channeled information, meditation and practices, the Higher Self will help you to change your brain’s performance in this Higher Self Inner Circle master class.

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