Raise the Energy of Your Relationships with the Higher Self Wisdom | Channeled Master Class

Monday, April 8th, 2024
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Take your relationships to a higher level with the wisdom and energy of the Higher Self in this 3 month channeled Master Class. Everything is creation is divine energy. Learn how to access it to manifest more love in your life.

Your are a creator learning how to fulfill your heart’s desires and create a perfect life. Spiritual principle helps us to understand how to receive the happiness that we desire. With spiritual guidance we will express at higher levels and create success and happiness.

Human relationships are the greatest area of our personal growth. More important than spiritual practices like meditation, visualization, vibration techniques and psychic guidance are how we show up in our relationships. Spiritual tools are how we practice. Real life is where we create!

For 3 months work with the Higher Self to expand your consciousness and accelerate your personal growth. Receive 3 hour lessons each week and guided practices that will take your life to the next level.

This is the first week of the 13 week master class “Transform Your Relationships with Channeled Wisdom and Energy Practices”

When you are ready join at Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles


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