Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 20: Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery

Thursday, June 20th, 2013
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 13, 2013
Title: Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 20: Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery
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Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 20: Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery

We live in an Universe created with 4 elemental energies and substances – earth, water, air, and fire. Learn how to use these energies to live in harmony with the world and the original design of your human mind, body and emotions.

Ancient systems of health and spirituality understood that 4 elements are creating all of the Universe and life on Earth. It was taught that creating balance and harmony in these elements in our own lifes brings greater physical health, increased lifespan, deeper emotional peace and joy, and higher states of mental functioning. When all of life is in balance, then stress is removed and happiness is naturally present.

The 4 elements are not only physical, but also emotional and mental. The energetic nature of the elements create our different chakras, govern our human karmas, and determine our mental performance.

This video will teach you how to use this ancient wisdom in your own personal life to bring all parts of your human self – mind, emotion, and body – into greater states of health and happiness. By working with the physical earth, you can increase the amount of Earth element in your root chakra and physical body – giving your greater cellular and tissue health and emotional security. Water governs the 2nd chakra and will provide healthier relationships, sexual organ function, creativity and movement in your body and life. Fire is the element of transformation and expression, governing the 3rd chakra and your personality’s expression in your life. Air is governed by the 4th chakra and creates expansion, compassion, connection with your community and environment, as well as improved mental function and lightness of being.

When all 4 elements are high in energy and operating in balance, we experience the highest levels of health in mind, emotion and body.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. christopher chung says:

    you said a person with low confidence and weak earth element will decide to increase the size of their physical body to gain more earth element energy, they will lift weights, they will do exercises, they will consume more material food all in an effort to build their body larger. This is very true. I always desire to exercise and eat food to make the size of my physical body larger. I drink raw milk and I am attracted to foods that build the body like flax seeds because I want my body to be larger and stronger. My body looks weak, my earth element is very weak and I lack confidence. My body is very small and frail and my past experience has been very difficult for me. How can I make my body larger and stronger? Do I eat foods? what kind of foods should I eat? I remember you told me raw milk and flax/chia seeds.

  2. christopher chung says:

    i eat foods and i desire to exercise because i desire to make my body larger

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