Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 21: Mastering the Laws of Change

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013
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Date: June 13, 2013
Title: Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 21: Mastering the Laws of Change
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Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 21: Mastering the Laws of Change

As you create changes within yourself, the world will change around you. When our lives change it can be difficult to stay on the spiritual path of growth. Learn how to work with changes in yourself and in your life to achieve your goals with ease.

Often we fail to reach our spiritual goals and life goals because our minds and egos resist the changes that we are creating. The ego depends on the illusion of permanence and change terrifies it.

For example, a person may start to create affirmations or perform energy work. As they change themselves, their relationships with other people will also start to change. How they view their jobs and lives will change too. If a person is not ready for these changes, fear and insecurity can arise (root chakra issues) – which can cause the person to abandon their spiritual path and stay in their old patterns and habits.

In this video you are taught how to understand the laws of change (karma) – both inner and outer. You will learn how to anticipate these changes and how to best work with them so that you can succeed in all that you do.

Ultimately change is good. The entire Universe is always in a state of change. However it is change that our ego’s fear most. Even the ego structure itself is built on the false belief that we do not change – holding onto fixed beliefs, fixed emotional patterns, fixed behaviors and a fixed identity. Often these fixed ego patterns cause us great suffering, yet we rarely overcome them. This video will teach you how to purify your ego and live in greater spiritual mastery.

The entire Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation mini-series is based upon our spiritual ability to consciously change our lives. This video helps you make all of these video exercises more successful – by you understanding how change happens and how to best work with change, even as ego challenges arise.

With a new video each week, Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self personally guides you through the process of self mastery, personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment. Every video contains useful information and direct practices to gain the necessary skills to master your human experience. Every part of the human experience – from spirit and consciousness, to mind and emotions, to the body and this world – is examined and mastered. The goal of these Higher Self teachings is genuine spiritual awakening and total mastery of the human experience.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. christopher chung says:

    So people resist the change that we create because they do not want to see us break free from the ego and create a new experience of life? also why do we feel resistance when we create change? how come we want to hold on to old patterns of beliefs, behavior and thought and why is it difficult to just let them go? why do I feel so much fear when I create change? and when I feel resistance rising up I get afraid of the resistance and I panic. When I feel resistance from this world and myself, what do I do?

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