Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 19: Emotional Energy in Our World

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
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Video: 207
Date: June 4, 2013
Title: Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 19: Emotional Energy in Our World
Running Time: 57:45
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Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 19: Emotional Energy in Our World

Your emotions can either automatically react to the world around you or your Soul can consciously create emotions. Learn how to create you own emotions and chakra energies. Stop how other people and world events control you.

In the 19th video of the Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation Mini-series, you will be taught about the emotional energy dimension that exists within this world. All human beings are souls that experience a mind, emotions and physical body. The emotional body is nonphysical and exists within a larger emotional dimension.

The human emotional body has 7 chakras of energy. These are the energy centers located along the spine that store our emotional patterns, personality types, emotional memories, traumas, and elemental energies. Each of the 7 chakras relates to a different plane of frequency in the greater emotional dimension. The health of your own chakras will determine which planes of emotional energy you are most strongly connected to, as well as determine what types of people and experience you most strongly connect with.

This video will guide you through an examination of your emotional energy system and how it is changed by other people and experiences in this world. You will be taught how to understand and then heal your emotional triggers – those experiences that greatly control your emotional reactions. You will also learn how to connect your chakras to your Soul Consciousness so that all of your emotions are elevated to higher frequencies of peace, bliss and Love. By connecting our human energy system more to our Soul Consciousness, we remove how the world controls us.

This video is packed with information to help you along your spiritual journey. As we spiritually awaken, we radiate our Soul’s consciousness more fully into our minds, emotions, and physical bodies – bringing them under our control and removing the ego’s control over us. Peace and blissful Love is our natural state. We simply must remember how to live as our Souls in this human world.

With a new video each week, Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self will guide you in the process of self mastery and personal transformation. Every Higher Self video contains useful information and direct practices to develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. This video series examines every part of the human experience – from spirit and consciousness, to mind and emotions, to the body and this world. The goal of these Higher Self teachings is to lead you into genuine states of spiritual awakening, where you will reach complete mastery of the human experience and ascend.

Many blessings and much Love

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