Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 18: Psychic Messages & Telepathy

Saturday, June 1st, 2013
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Video: 206
Date: May 31, 2013
Title: Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 18: Psychic Messages & Telepathy
Running Time: 1:05:39
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Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Step 18: Psychic Messages & Telepathy

Learn how to receive psychic messages and telepathic communication in the mental dimensions and nonphysical planes of reality. Communicate with spirit guides, the other side and other people using more of your mind and spiritual powers.

Every human being exists as spiritual consciousness inside 3 dimensions of reality – mental, emotional, and physical. Not only do we all have personal minds, but we also exist in the mental dimension where psychic information and telepathy is always happening. Our minds are not separate from each other; they are always connected!

The key to experiencing this non-verbal mind communication is quieting your thoughts, opening your perception and knowing where to focus your energy. This Channel Higher Self video teaches you how to successfully receive messages in the mental dimension of reality.

In this Higher Self Guided Personal Mastery video, you will learn how to receive psychic messages from non-physical beings, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and greater forms of consciousness; telepathic messages from other human beings; and, intuitive messages from your Higher Self.

You will learn where in the brain and mind these different types of communication happen. Four guided practices will help you to open your mind to multidimensional communication right now. The process is direct and fast. With correct instruction you will easily awaken your psychic abilities, telepathy and powers of mind.

Continuing with one video each week, Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self will guide you in the process of self mastery and personal transformation. Every video contains practical information and direct methods to develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. Everything including Consciousness, Spirit, mind, emotion, energy, chakra, physical body and external world are covered. The goal of this Higher Self video series is to lead you into genuine states of spiritual awakening, reaching complete mastery of the human experience.

Many blessings and much Love!

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