The 3 Principles to Understand the Perfection of God. How to Truly Create a Happy Life.

Monday, September 20th, 2021
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 1, 2021
Title: The 3 Principles to Understand the Perfection of God. How to Truly Create a Happy Life.
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The 3 Principles to Understand the Perfection of God. How to Truly Create a Happy Life.

This universe is perfect. We are here to learn how God is able to create a perfect universe. As souls we learn about God’s perfection by experiencing the effects of how we think, feel and act. We are God realizing Itself by creating. We use the world as a teacher that mirrors to us the understanding that we are creating with.

Happiness is creating in harmony with spiritual truth. When we understand how God creates and create in alignment with the Will of God our reward is a happiness. This is how God teaches us.

Learn about the three principles of God that allow human souls to awaken in God realization.

1. Infinity. Infinity expresses as non judgment, loving allowance and the honoring of all God’s creation. We honor the infinite expression of unique forms that demonstrate God’s infinite power and knowledge.
2. Eternity. Eternity is experienced a deep peace. Understanding that we are eternal removes the self-imposed pressure that causes us to make mistakes and suffer with stress. Understanding eternity gives us the peace that allows us to make the best use of our opportunities for creative success and personal happiness.
3. Unity. Everything is One Self. Recognizing this feels like love. God creates of God;s own self to form this universe. Everything is the body of God. We must express ourselves and create from within our hearts to create a happy life.

All suffering occurs when we create without the knowledge of God’s truth.

1. Infinity not know becomes segregation, judgments of rejection, prejudice, shaming self and others, and hatred. When we deny the infinite power of God we split about reality by judging it. We fail to see that beauty in all things and our hearts become hardened with hatred.
2. Eternity not known become fear, a belief in lack, deception, lies, trickery, and thievery. When we fail to recognize that we are eternal we create limitation in our thinking and act in ways that cause imbalance and disharmony.
3. Unity not know becomes greed. We take from others instead of creating new things and adding to life. Belief in separation causes use to seek outside of ourselves for happiness by manipulating other people. Lack of unity consciousness creates selfishness, narcissism, and sociopath and psychopath behaviors.

God is teaching you about your own perfection by how your life is experienced.

When we create without knowledge of the truth the forms dies quickly. Relationships fail. Businesses fail. Health fails.

When we create with knowledge of truth the forms live eternally. We experience sustainable relationships, successful businesses, and personal health.

This is god showing us how to create the same way that God creates. By observing our lives we are learning how God creates this universe. we are becoming God-realized.

Life is the teaching. Life is waking us up to God realization.

Blessings and Love.


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