The Higher Self Examines the Cause of Disease and How to Cure Disease

Saturday, September 25th, 2021
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 494
Date: April 8, 2021
Title: The Higher Self Examines the Cause of Disease and How to Cure Disease
Running Time: 1:11:17

The Higher Self Examines the Cause of Disease and How to Cure Disease

Why do souls create diseases in the body? What purpose does illness have for the soul’s journey of awakening? Examine the cause of disease and also how to cure disease in this Higher Self channeling.

We are all creators of our experiences in life. Some experiences are consciously created because we desire to have these experiences. Other experiences are unconsciously created because of deep psychological conditioning from our past. The mind-body connection is the most important factor in the creation of health and illness in the physical body.

In this channeled message, the Higher Self examines the purpose that illness and disease serve in the awakening process of the soul. We learn why disease manifests in the physical body and how the appearance of illness is a very important part to help awaken our soul to the powerful creators that we are. Finally we learn how to change our understanding of ourselves and our beliefs about our reality so that we can cure disease and remove all signs of illness from our bodies.

You are the most important person you will ever meet and the most powerful creator you will ever know. Unlock the wisdom within yourself to understand the nature of human reality and the purpose of yourself as a creator of your experiences.

Blessings and Love.


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  1. Anda says:

    Many thanks, Higher Self and Lincoln!

    How come when I listen to your videos everything seems so simple and clear and my energy is elevating, but if I stop listening for more than a week, things become blurry again, energy is going down. I guess you will say it’s a matter of practicing and remembering who you are on a regular – maybe even daily basis, but sometimes I feel like my inner peace and balance is depending on listening to these kind of materials, and receiving these kind of vibes. Is this the beginning until one will be able to self nurturing?

    God bless you!

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