The Problem with Spiritual Teachings on Emptiness and Why They Cause Suffering

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021
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Date: March 25, 2021
Title: The Problem with Spiritual Teachings on Emptiness and Why They Cause Suffering
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The Problem with Spiritual Teachings on Emptiness and Why They Cause Suffering

One of the greatest misunderstandings taught in spirituality is the concept that everything is empty. Stop trying to convince yourself that the world is an illusion and the forms of life are empty. This confusion is causing you suffering as you deny and disconnect from your reality. Learn to experience yourself as the emptiness – silent, still, invisible awareness. Allow the forms to be what they are – limited manifestations of infinite creative energy.

The spiritual teaching of emptiness is being incorrectly taught. Students of spirituality are being taught to believe that the forms they perceive are actually formless emptiness. This misunderstanding of the concept of emptiness is causing confusion and suffering.

Your deepest self has the qualities emptiness and the forms are limited expressions of the unlimited Source.

The forms of life are vibrating expressions of creative energy. They are not formless. The invisible, still, silent and empty awareness is formless. When we observe things as they are we realize this.

Spiritual awakening can be an easy process when we have correct concepts and accurate teachings guiding us. Far too often students of spirituality try to make incorrect concepts fit their experiences. This is like trying to put a round peg into a square hole.

When we try to apply incorrect spiritual teachings we will experience suffering. Sometime this suffering appears as conflict with other people. It also appears as feeling disconnected and alone in your reality. If we are trying to follow spiritual teachings and they are not giving us an improvement in our quality of life, it is likely that the concepts are being incorrectly taught or misunderstood.

A direct experience of life is your best teacher. The journey of life is the spiritual teaching that we are giving to ourselves.

Learn how to become a student of life and look for the validation of spiritual concepts by observing your direct experience of life. Observe the forms of life interact. Notice cause and effect. A direct experience will teach you everything you need to know to achieve your highest states of spiritual realization.

Truth is undeniable and is always appearing within us. Human concepts and human thinking will have inaccuracies. Try your best to be a student of life and let the experiences you have be your most important teacher.

Blessings and Love.


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