Participating in Life is How You Realize That You Are God

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 501
Date: May 20, 2021
Title: Participating in Life is How You Realize That You Are God
Running Time: 12:35

Participating in Life is How You Realize That You Are God

Only by fully participating in your life will you connect with the deepest parts of yourself and experience God realization. Expand into your reality and fully live your life. You are awakening to the experience of God Consciousness – knowing the All That Is.

Spiritual enlightenment is not found by isolating yourself in a cave and separating from the external forms you perceive. Your consciousness contains everything. Desiring to separate from the world is dividing yourself into “self and other” and delaying your enlightenment.

To know the All That Is we must surrender to the flow of every present moment and allow ourselves to participate in life without inner resistance.

Make choices while you live and allow your intuition to guide those choices.

Let go of your fears. Trust that you can be yourself fully in this world.

Your path towards happiness is the removal of inner resistance to fully expressing yourself.

When we allow ourselves to be ourselves we increase the mirroring quality of life. Your expression into this world as thought, emotion, spoken word and action gives you a reflection of how you are creating. Without fear you express yourself completely and give yourself the opportunity to see your creation and become wiser.

Ultimately you express what you believe you are. By allowing your expression to flow, you witness the journey from ego identification to God realization play out in your life most clearly.

You are already God Consciousness creating an experience of existing as a personal self in this Universe. Realize that is it all you by honoring your inner knowing and shining your heart’s love. Trust the wisdom creating this universe and live without fear. Expand fully into your reality to know that yourself and to know God.

Blessings and Love.



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