Physical purification and healing caused by spiritual practices

Thursday, February 21st, 2013
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Date: February 3, 2013
Title: Physical purification and healing caused by spiritual practices
Running Time: 59:45
Video Parts: 4

Note: This mp3 contain the complete audio from all 5 videos of this 3 hour interview.

Physical purification and healing caused by spiritual practices

Get ready for an in-depth conversation on human health, spirituality, society and the evolution human knowledge. Receive information that you may have never learned before. Unique insights into the human experience are provided. Understand the human body from a spiritual perspective, including the secret energy sciences of Kundalini Tantra, Taoism and Zen / Chan. Receive insight on modern health care practices – ranging from Western medicine, antibiotics, vaccines to raw foods, fasting, and colonics. These videos have lots of information that come from thousands of years of the most knowledge sources in human history. Please benefit and enjoy!

This video is one part of a larger conversation. All parts are listed below in the order that they were recorded. I split this 3 hour conversation into 5 major sections, divided by the topics spoken and questions asked. Each major section is divided into 15 minutes audio parts to meet YouTube’s time restrictions. Below you will find the details for the entire video conversations.

This entire series was recorded as one unbroken, unedited conversation. You may listen to all parts in order for the full experience.

Video 5: Physical purification and healing caused by spiritual practices

During meditation I’ve felt energies moving inside of me. Sometimes it has caused me to cough and expel mucus. Sometimes I have detoxification caused by meditation. Why is this?

Understand the relationship between the human energy system and our physical health. Learn about the most common detoxification and physical healing experiences that are created by kundalini awakening energy.

Gain an understanding about the energy of foods and what happens during illness and detoxification. Know the difference between being sick – a cold or flu – and a detoxification experience. Learn how different mainstream Western medicine health practices work – like vaccines and anti-biotics. Learn how Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the Western natural health sciences like Naturopathy, Natural Hygiene, and raw foods work.

Receive a shortened history of food and farming. Understand how humanity’s farming practices since early civilizations have changed the genetic and energetic aspects of many foods, making them less compatible and less digestible with the human body. Learn how a mankind’s movement away from nature and manipulation of natural foods has created the increase of physical disease that we experience today.

There are many methods to help us improve our health. Some are discussed in this video – such as yoga, massage, and physical exercises. Different dietary approaches to health and healing are discussed. Valuable information and tips are given to help you reach your spiritual and health-related goals.

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Part 2

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Part 4

Watch the other parts of this 3 hour video interview

Video 1: Increasing self-control to be less affected by negativity and negative people

Video 2: Do non-physical beings, energies and entities exists? Can they harm us or steal energy?

Video 3: Using diet, fasting, and cleanses to accelerate spiritual awakening

Video 4: Kundalini activation practices. Which are best. Which are dangerous.

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