Sexual Energy Cultivation & Mastery: Brahmacharya, Tantra, Soul Travel, Bliss

Saturday, August 18th, 2012
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Date: August 17, 2012
Title: Examining Sexual Energy Cultivation & Mastery: Brahmacharya, Tantra, Soul Travel, Bliss
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Sexual Energy Cultivation & Mastery: Brahmacharya, Tantra, Soul Travel, Bliss

This is a 2 hour 20 minute teaching on Brahmacharya, spiritual celibacy, Tantra, Taoist sexual energy practices, sexual energy cultivation, Kundalini awakening, Kundalini energy practices, Soul travel, out of body experiences, romantic relationships, and spiritual enlightenment. Topics are covered in-depth with the focus on personal experience and knowledge not usually found in books and public teachings.

Important: The topics of these videos is sexual energy as viewed from ancient spiritual practices. In no way is this material sexually explicit or pornographic. The discussion is on the human energetic anatomy and spiritual experiences that are possible with meditation, energy cultivation practices and intense spiritual devotion. Both celibacy and sexual activity is discussed. Numerous spiritual and religious texts are referenced, all with respect.

The following questions were answered during this video interview:

1) First, Brahmacharya referring to its sexual connotations, is typically synonymous with celibacy. But I was also taught that Brahmacharya is a type of samadhi that one achieves with a sexual partner that maybe involves no exchange of sexual fluids, a feat that I believe was described of the union between Krishna and his 1600(?) gopis.

2) What exactly is Brahmacharya, is it celibacy? Is it sacred sex, that in which the goal is union with God and in which the man retains his seed?

3) Most modern spiritual teachers that speak on Brahmacharya say that all that is really needed to assist in raising the Kundalini and to also transform the sexual energies with regular spiritual practices/purifying techniques is moderation. Also along the same lines I have read that males over 30 should only ejaculate twice a week at most. How much does the loss of energy or “jing” caused by ejaculating in the male orgasm effect the overall health of the body and spiritual progress and development?

4) I have read that it requires 100 days of celibacy to transform the sexual energies. How long is the ideal time frame for a period of celibacy to transform these energies?

5) From reading the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it expressed that as long as one does not lose any semen, sex is an okay activity for the aspiring/training yogi. Does this mean that if one can avoid losing any semen during a sexual act, that the required celibacy is not really required to transform the energies?

6) Just recently I’ve begun, when I masturbate (while centered in the spiritual heart) that I do so just up to the point of orgasm and refrain from ejaculating. Its more like using the “hold off” method, not than the “blocking” method, just going slightly further and refraining from ejaculation through internal control and just experiencing the energetic orgasm. Is this practice safe?

7) Certain practices I do, using the mulabandha for instance, although they do not provoke any sexual thoughts, bring me sexual stimulation, and often times something energetically similar to that which I receive from orgasm. Are these practices okay to continue while practicing celibacy?

8) Yesterday I fell out of my spiritual heart for some reason, for a few hours, and during these hours I experienced the first sexual thoughts and desires I’ve had since beginning this practice. Are there any other practices to sublimate the sex energy in the attempt to keep one from becoming “oversexed” in thoughts and feelings or that will assist the transformation occurring?

9) How does one know when they are done transforming the energies through their celibacy practice?

This conversation will help you to understand your human experience and aspects of your sexual energy system. Because many people have expressed the benefits of previous conversations of this nature, this conversation is being shared. It is the hope of Lincoln and the participant that many people benefit from this information. This conversation has been shared with the full permission of the recipient. His privacy is upheld.

To have your own Higher Self channeling session or conversation with Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self, please visit to learn more.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks Lincoln and Brian! Fun icy pop analogy.

  2. Lincoln says:

    Seriously, that is how it feels. Like an icy pop filled with blissful power. It’s an amazing experience. 🙂

  3. Colin says:

    Thanks for this.

  4. Chris Chung says:

    You said your tank is basically as full as it can get after 90 days of celibacy. Does this still apply to someone that has masturbated like 2 to 3 days a day for many months or years?

  5. Lincoln says:

    Yes. 90 days of celibacy and sexual energy cultivation will restore the body’s levels of sexual energy. After 90 days the amount of energy being stored will grow beyond the levels previous attained by the person.

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