Spiritual Help: Emotional Trauma & Physical Toxins Cause Mental Illness & Schizophrenia

Saturday, December 8th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 185
Date: December 7, 2012
Title: Spiritual Help: Emotional Trauma & Physical Toxins Cause Mental Illness & Schizophrenia
Running Time: 1:30:07
Parts: 9

Spiritual Help: Emotional Trauma & Physical Toxins Cause Mental Illness & Schizophrenia

There is an order and science to the Universe. Nothing is random. Learn how severe emotional suffering and mental illness is caused by past emotional trauma and physical environmental toxins. Learn how anyone can removes these from one’s mind and body to restore inner peace and happiness.

This Channel Higher Self video examines the nature of the mind, emotions and body – and how their functioning is altered by relationship traumas, toxins and unhealthy living. Solutions to emotional suffering, mental illness, and physical disease are provided.

The Universe is governed by a set of laws. These laws structure the cause and effect relationship that governs all change in creation. These laws also establish the proper way to live so that life continues to survive and thrive. When human beings live in harmony with these Universal Laws, there is health, happiness, prosperity and spiritual growth. When human beings are living against these laws, they experience suffering, illness, and limitation. In this way the Universe is teaching us how to live correctly.

A world of suffering is our own creation. Why? Because we, as human beings, have been living out of harmony with these Universal Laws (“the Divine Plan”). By observing what we think and feel within us, we can learn how to change our behaviors to create a world of truly great happiness and profound peace. We already have everything we need to remove emotional suffering and mental illness, we simply need to recognize what we have and then honor it.

This video will explain how severe emotional suffering and mental illness is created – and how you can effectively free yourself from this suffering and pain to experience more of your authentic spiritual self, complete with inner peace, mental clarity and blissful Love.

Solutions include: fasting from food and from emotional and mental stimulus to detoxify and restore inner balance; self-examination and self-study to recognize our mind’s patterns; self-healing using psychology tools and emotional energy techniques; physical detoxification from environmental toxins like heavy metals and pollutants; correct diet and nutrition; creating healthy relationships and ending dysfunctional ones; meditation and spiritual growth practices; and more….

Video parts 1-4 are Lincoln speaking about this emotional trauma, physical toxins, mental illness and the human energy system. Video parts 6 and 7 are the Higher Self channeled message on these same topics. Enjoy!

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

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Part 6

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