Heal Depression. Remove Thoughts of Suicide. Be Free From Suffering Right Now.

Sunday, November 4th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: November 4, 2012
Title: Heal Depression. Remove Thoughts of Suicide. Be Free From Suffering Right Now.
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Heal Depression. Remove Thoughts of Suicide. Be Free From Suffering Right Now.

You cannot change your past, but you can create your future right now. Learn how to work with your mind and emotions to heal your past and create the happiness, peace and love that you desire. With the knowledge and tools in this video you will be able to more easily step out of dysfunctional emotions and limiting thought. Use these affirmations to create positive change in your life.

The reason why many self-help methods, spiritual teachings, and psychological exercises fail is due to a lack of understanding of the nature of the mind and emotions. Human consciousness is largely fixed on the physical body. From birth, we are conditioned to believe that we are this body, that our consciousness, emotions and intelligence are located in the brain and that only the physical world is real. With a limited experience of one’s self, any systems and sciences will be equally limited. It is our limited understanding of who we are that is responsible for our limitations in life.

These Higher Self teachings are different. The Higher Self is the eternal Consciousness, Intelligence and Creative Energy that we all are. As humans, we must spiritually awaken to the depth of our own being to realize this Higher Self aspect. I have done this. I experience my life as this multidimensional reality. And I teach from this place of expanded awareness, knowledge and Love.

In this video you will be taught how to understand the nature of the mind and emotions, in relation to depression – such as sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and thoughts of suicide. Learn how our past experiences hold patterns of thinking and feeling inside of us – which repeat themselves until we learn how to remove them and change our mind and emotions. Learn how we are conditioned by our families and society to experienced a limited reality – but that we always have the freedom to consciously change how we think, act and create our realities.

This video will give you the knowledge that you need to be free from depression, suffering, anxiety, sadness and thoughts of suicide. You will be guided in practical exercises that use affirmations to master your mind and energy techniques to master your emotions. You have the potential to always live in peace, happiness and Love. But you must first learn how to create this reality, and then all of your actions will produce effective results.

The Higher Self shares with you a science of life – as understood from a higher spiritual perspective. Apply these teachings in your life and, like any science, you are guaranteed to experience the results. With the proper knowledge, change is easy. These videos provide that knowledge.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 7

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  1. Wynona says:

    I love your energy in this.


  2. Colin says:

    So I started watching these videos while standing and stretching and doing chi gong while focusing intently on the teachings. And I find it more stimulating and engaging.


  3. Jah says:

    Thank you, Lincoln.


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