How to Fast & Purify the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: January 8, 2011
Title: How to Fast & Purify the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit
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How to Fast & Purify the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit

The oldest health and medicine practice on the planet is fasting – the process of abstaining from food in order to purify the body, remove disease, and promote healing. Understood in ancient times, and still taught in some lesser known spiritual schools, fasting is much more than a method to cleanse and purify the physical blood, tissue and organs. Fasting also cleanses our emotions and thoughts, makes us more aware of the chi / prana / spiritual manna energy, and connects us more fully to our Soul and to God.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will learn how to safely and correctly perform a total systems fast. You will learn what is necessary to fast and detoxify your physical tissue and blood, and how this type of fasting works. You will learn that fasting the emotional body is a different practice that requires different circumstances and steps. And you will learn how to fast the mind to purify negative, toxic and harmful thoughts. Finally you will learn why abstaining from food, other people, and thought purifies the ego and strengthens our connection to God.

Fasting, when practiced correctly, will make us feel more like our self because fasting removes external influences that change our being. Begin to reconnect to your true self by putting into practice the tools and guidance shared in the Channel Higher Self video on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fasting.

I recommend these two books to learn more about fasting and to learn how to safely conduct a fast. I have read many books on fasting and have performed multiple fasts personally. These two books contain all the information necessary to safely conduct your own fast.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, I did not realize that fasting has so much spiritual significance. I would like to fast and will take it slowly beginning with one day. I will let you know how it goes.

    Namaste and Much Love,


  2. Lincoln says:

    Fasting is considered by many to be the oldest health practice in the world. The second oldest is heliotherapy – sunlight healing. In ancient times, the spiritual aspects of our self where considered at one with the biological aspects. Healing one would affect the other.

    When we look in the natural world, when animals are sick they stop eating. It is an inbuilt self-healing method in many biological forms of life. Do you notice that when you are ill that often your hunger disappears? This is so that the body can use it’s energies to remove the toxins causing the illness.

    Try reading the books that I have recommended on this page. They are very informative and helpful. Blessings and Love.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, interesting, so we are actually fasting when we are sick because our body is in the process of removing toxins. After your video, I decided to try fasting today. I felt just a little weak, but drank, Bragg ACV with a little agave in water 3 times today, plenty of purified water (about 10 glasses) and various herbal teas. The Bragg ACV drink gave me energy. The herbal teas and water gave me the hydration that I needed. I sipped on them throughout the day. I will get the books too. I am fasting for one day as a start and will get your recommended reading. I felt a calmness from fasting today.

  4. Lincoln says:

    The weakness comes from the removal process of toxins. The more you practice fasting or detox methods, the less tired fasting will make you. In fact, you’ll experience more energy on fasting days than on eating days.

    Fasting is a great way to rest and reset our digestive system; fasting one day per week does this. Fasting will make you more aware of the energy of different foods and how they affect you. You noticed this when you drank the Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. You’ll notice that other foods may make you tired when you eat them. Fasting is one of the best way to teach yourself about foods.

  5. Jamil says:

    Hey Lincoln, I did my first 2 day water fast after watching your videos (tried 3 but I caved, lol). I have not had so much energy, especially in the morning. No more morning fatigue. Best of all a nagging back ache that Ive had for many months (stress related) is GONE… I am reading “The Miracle of Fasting” like you recommended, and I am enjoying the book a lot.
    Thanks a lot brother.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Hi Lincoln, I completed my one day fast. I had a slight headache when I woke up the next morning, but it went away after drinking some water. I took it easy on eating and overall I felt great today…calmer and lighter energetically. I am unsure if that was more of a spiritual connection, but it certainly felt like it!

  7. Lincoln says:

    The amount of life energy we feel in our body is related to our awareness and the health of all layers of our human being – mind, body, emotions. By healing one layer, we create positive change in the other layers as well. As the body, mind, emotions get healthier you will feel more happiness, more peace and more energy. In truth, there is no separation between Spirit and matter. All is One. Keep up the good work. And thank you for all of your great comments. Blessings and Love.

  8. Adrienne says:


    Thanks for all of the info about fasting! I ordered “The Miracle of Fasting” book and plan to do another one shortly after I receive it.

    I feel overall much happier, healthier, and a sense of ‘all is well’, since listening to and following Higher Self’s teachings. I understand more about how the source of our unhappiness stems from the ego, which I found to be extremely enlightening and helpful for a much better quality of life. Things have greatly improved for me physically, mentally and emotionally…thank you!

    Blessings and love!

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