Knowledge for Mastery in an Energetic Universe

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
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Non-series Video
Date: March 14, 2015
Title: Knowledge for Mastery in an Energetic Universe
Running Time: 1:16:53

Knowledge for Mastery in an Energetic Universe

The Universe is pure energy. Your mind controls this energy. You have an energy body that contains your human personality (psyche) and is responsible for the creation of your thoughts, actions, physical health and life experiences. Learn the principles and methods to master your energy body and the energetic universe around you in this Higher Self channeled teaching.

This Non-series video by Channel Higher Self is a continuation of the information presented in “The Pathway of Consciousness from Soul to Human Self”, channeled on March 9, 2015. In the 1st video you were taught about the soul’s experience as it incarnates from the Eternal Self into the time-bound personal self or human being.

In this 2nd video, you will be taught about the Universe that you experience within you and around you.

You will learn about the energy fields inside yourself (chakras) and the energy fields outside of you.

You will learn how your mind controls these energy fields.

You will learn how to masterfully create the experiences that you desire.

You will learn how to feed your body with proper foods and also non-physical energies (prana, chi or qi).

You will learn how to create health in your body, mind and emotions.

You will learn how to create spiritual enlightenment.

Every human soul exists as the center of their perception of the Universe. We all experience life arising around this center point of perception. The world is the furthest outwards. Next closest to the center is our physical bodies; then the emotional energy system (chakras and channels); then the mental body. Energy is circulating inside of these 3 layers of our human being, and energy is circulating outside our human being. This video will teach you how to understand and interact with these internal and external energies so that you can create the life that you desire to experience.

We are all creators of our realities. Understand the process of creation and you become a master.

This Channel Higher Self video was taken from a personal Higher Self channeling session for a student of these teachings. It has been posted with expressed permission by the recipient of the session. This audio excerpt is being shared because the information is unique, original and significant. It is being published with the intention of helping every soul learn and evolve on their spiritual path of awakening. May all souls awaken to their True Reality.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    Hey Lincoln, I have a question. I am trying to read ” Be as you are” by Ramana Maharshi, but it seems to be hardly suited to english speaking people. I enjoy what I have been able to get out of it so far, but the profusion of sanskrit or hindi words is stopping me from going any further.

    Did you study the language spoken in this book? Or did you intensely study the glossary?

    Thank you

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hello Colin. I used the glossary when a definition was not known. However I had studied many forms of spirituality prior to reading Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, so I already knew the main concepts that he taught.

  3. Susana says:

    Keep up the good work!

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