Non-physical Reality Basics: spirits, entities, ESP, psychic ability, mental health, emotions, chakras

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
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Date: March 22, 2012
Title: Non-physical Reality Basics: spirits, entities, ESP, psychic ability, mental health, emotions, chakras
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Non-physical Reality Basics: spirits, entities, ESP, psychic ability, mental health, emotions, chakras

2 hours of direct first hand knowledge about the non-physical dimensions. Topics include spirit communication, entities, inorganic beings, shamanism, soul travel, out of body experience, astral travel, mental health and mental illness, insanity, schizophrenia, emotional illness, chakra health, energy exchanges between people, sexual energy exchange, healing and purification.

This video is loaded with information that I have gained from personal experience with the non-physical dimensions and it’s inhabitants. This information applies to everyone, even if those who are not spiritually aware. Why? Because this is the reality that we exist within.

The oldest books on this planet openly discuss the multidimensional reality and how spirits and the non-physical dimensions affect our everyday lives. Every ancient culture in this world has stories about the non-physical aspects of humans. The oldest medicines of this planet were spiritual medicines, called shamanism – in which human directly interacted with the nonphysical planes and nonphysical beings, like spirits, sprites, nymphs, angels, demons, and devas.

Even humans beings are constantly transferring their energies back and forth as they talk or even look at each other. Yet most people are completely unaware of this. By educating yourself you can awaken deeper perception and knowledge about your multidimensional nature.

This conversation offers a window into the experience of spiritual awakening, multidimensional reality, spirits, shamanism, yoga and energy medicine. Because many people have expressed the benefits of previous conversations of this nature, this conversation is being shared. It is the hope of Lincoln and this woman that many people benefit from the clear and direct communication between them. This conversation has been shared with the full permission of the recipient. Her privacy is upheld.

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Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Judy says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    Very interesting information!

    The mind has been more persistent than usual the past couple weeks in regards to a question that’s plagued me for a very long time.

    A loved one was born with less than average physical and mental capabilities and has had a very difficult life. Some teachings say it’s karma, that the person is learning from past mistakes. Some who discount karma say the person may be an advanced or old soul willing to take on a more challenging life. In general, can you please give me your insight on something like this?

    Thank you!


  2. Lincoln says:

    There can be many reasons for a person’s life experiences. No one answer fits every person and often a person’s life is combination of many reasons.

    The soul chooses his/her parents and some factors that support it’s own life path. The more advanced a soul in understanding, the more effectively the soul will choose it’s life circumstances. Young souls tend to act more haphazardly. Namaste.

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks Lincoln. I did figure it was probably a combination, and as you say, there’s young souls and advanced souls. Too much mind stuff goes on here, depending on circumstances. I know the “why” questions are a dead end and antithetical to what is really important – slowing down the thoughts and trusting that all is OK.


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