Overcome the Material Forces: Power, Sex, Food, Money

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: December 1, 2010
Title: Overcome the Material Forces: Power, Sex, Food, Money
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Overcome the Material Forces: Power, Sex, Food, Money

At this moment in time, the global humanity is struggling to overcome the four basic material forces: the desire for power, sex, food, and money. It is the selfish pursuit of these basic material forces that is creating nearly all of the suffering in today’s world.

In this Satsang with the Self video teaching, learn how the material forces are affecting and controlling our lives. Learn how our personal subconscious mind, ancestral karma, genetic DNA, and collective human consciousness have been programmed to believe that the pursuit for and manipulation of these material forces will create a state of genuine happiness. Understand why we personally believe that the acquisition of power, sex, food, and money will solve our problems and end of suffering.

These higher consciousness spiritual teachings dissect and examine each material force desire individually to understand how the human energy system moves to create these selfish experiences and then collectively to see how the personal ego is a constructed from the interaction of these four basic material desires. Understand how the natural movement of energy in the human energy system and chakras is distorted and changed by the material forces and our personal desires.

Tools and techniques to overcome the power and manipulation of the material forces of power, sex, food, and money are taught in this Higher Self video. Directly experience how the energy flow is changed, how the deeply rooted thoughts motivate our words and action, and how our perception of others is altered, all by these material forces moving within us. Gain valuable guidance and support as you choose to work through your personal issues into higher states of spiritual experience and knowledge.

This Channel Higher Self video is rich with information to help you uncover the energies and deep motives that are manipulating your conscious creative energy. Please take the time to listen to the entire video teaching and allow the information to become assimilated in your psyche and life. This video has the power to help you awaken to the energetic and perceptual sabotage in your mind and body, and will help you to ascend into higher spiritual awareness, understanding and genuine power.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, this is another timely message from Higher Self, which cleared up a lot of questions that I had about material existence. Thank you!

  2. Wynona says:

    I sometimes become very angry at the selfish lengths that some people will go to, to boost their egoic sense of self. But I too many times in my life have acted somewhat selfishly, without being consciously aware of my ulterior motives. But now I am working to remove that anger towards the people who do harm to the people of the world, the animals and mother earth. I know that anyone who harms another person only does so because the are experiencing pain on the inside. That pain and lack of love may be repressed way deep down and so they are unconscious of why the desire the things that the do. Or why they put themselves above another human being. I am learning to have compassion for everyone, regardless of their actions. But this truly begins with accepting myself, before I can accept the rest of the world. Sometimes I get very caught up in all the suffering that is taking place and it ways me down. It’s a challenge to trust your higher self when it seems as though the rest of the world is from another planet.

  3. Wynona says:

    I also desire to fill myself up with love, so that I can give to others, and not require that I get anything in return. This truly has to come from myself and God, for no one person or any material thing in this world can be my source of love.

  4. Shrooq says:

    Thank you 😀

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