Conscious Eating – Breaking the Ego’s Control of Food and You

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 86
Date: December 20, 2010
Title: Conscious Eating – Breaking the Ego’s Control of Food and You
Running Time: 44:27
Parts: 5

Conscious Eating – Breaking the Ego’s Control of Food and You

We eat for so many reasons. We eat for nutrition, health, pleasure, sensual arousal, stimulation, energy, self-abuse, addiction, ignorance, boredom, chemical withdrawal, emotional need, mental curiosity, mental control, and more. Why do we eat the way we do? How does our food choices affect our spiritual health? Can food be a block to spiritual growth and personal happiness? How addicted to our food choices are we?

In this Channel Higher Self video, you will learn about the relationship between food, your ego, and you. All of life is pure energy; science has proven this. In our world and in our body, every thing affects everything else; we all can clearly see this. The food that we eat creates more than the muscles, tissue, bones, and blood in our body. Food also influences and can even control our emotional state by causing new emotions, holding onto old emotions or blocking emotions from expressing. Food also affects our mind, how we react to other people and life situations. Because food has such a powerful influence on all parts of our human being, the ego uses food to keep the Spiritual Self (Soul) in ignorance, suffering and control.

Learn how, in this spiritual video teaching, to recognize the way your food choices are affecting your physical, mental and emotional health. Gain valuable tools and techniques to better understand the vibrational effects that food has on your human energy system. Learn how you can recognize how the ego uses food to control you. Free yourself from the ego’s control. End your personal suffering. And create your health, happiness and lifestyle from a conscious place, from your Higher Self.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, I have been listening to your mp3 (of this video) all day because each time that I listen to it…I learn something new (not unlike all of your other messages from Higher Self teachings)! I found this message particularly helpful in getting a ‘better grip’ on understanding how my ego works, and how it affects my energies and manifestations in life. In this video, Higher Self really broke down how our ego works and how we have been letting it control us. I did not realize that my ego had such a strong impact on my energies (emotional, mental, etc.). It is almost like I have been living in a dream state and not aware of it. I thought that this world, something or someone in my life was making me feel pain and suffering. I learned that it was my own egoic thoughts that affect my energy field causing me to feel this way. I was always looking to change myself in some way or another, to make myself better or to change something around me…always looking ‘out into the world’, instead of looking ‘inside of me’! I was always living in the past or living in the future, not realizing that we are changeless and our power is in the now…the present moment. I was thinking from an egoic separate self, not realizing that I am Love and that all is Love (there is no separate ‘self’), which was the main focus of Higher Self’s teachings throughout your “99 Days, 99 Channels” videos.

    The awareness exercise that you included in today’s video was very helpful. It helped me to know that I am the Creative Consciousness that is Energy and Awareness always perceiving, never changing, while the forms around me are always changing. Thanks so much…this is truly the ‘Good News’ during this Holiday Season!

    Much Love, and Namaste,


  2. Lee says:

    Ha! What a great session. This one really pulls the curtain away from society’s illusions, doesn’t it? The bit that goes into how insubstantial all the solid presumptions of conventional science are – how they keep changing – is just so joyfully devastating. Behind everything lies the literally unlimited magic and potential of love – not some imaginary “serious” structural limitation of some kind… how great! Isn’t it a great [and sort of tragic] joke that the beautiful truth just is what it is, and we superimpose upon it and defend a vast raft of unnecessary, limiting nonsense?
    Whoever said “the truth shall set you free” had the right general idea.
    Blessings to the higher self, the self of all, meaning Lincoln and everyone and everything else!

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