21st Century Shamanism: Fear is your Greatest Teacher

Monday, August 20th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: August 18, 2012
Title: 21st Century Shamanism: Fear is your Greatest Teacher
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21st Century Shamanism: Fear is your Greatest Teacher

Did you know that your fear wakes you up and gives you the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth? While many spiritual teachers are afraid of fear and judge it as bad or wrong, the Higher Self loves fear. Fear is a great teacher and a blessing in our Soul’s path of learning and growth… when we understand fear correctly. Master your fear in this Higher Self video teaching.

Fear is the ego’s resistance to change. It is our fear that creates nearly all of our personal suffering. Why? Because we suffer when we judge and resist how things are happening in our lives. It is our resistance that is felt as stress, overactive thoughts, emotional sadness or anger.

Change is one of the greatest constants in life. We cannot stop the change in life, but we can learn how to more effectively work with change and even create our own change. By understanding fear correctly we can use fear to wake us up in this present moment, to observe our life with greater clarity, and then to act precisely and effectively to change our life as we desire. It requires skill to be masterful in our mind, emotions, body and actions. These 21st Century Shamanism video teachings give you the knowledge and tools to develop your spiritual mastery.

This video is made up of 2 sections. Video parts 1-3 are myself, Lincoln the channel, communicating my personal knowledge and experience. Video parts 4-8 are the Higher Self channeled message. I have begun sharing my own personal perspective on these spiritual topics because people have stated that the Higher Self message can be more difficult to understand than my own message (as is found in my “interview” videos). So I decided to speak from this human self first and then enter into the Higher Self channeling state. I hope that this new approach helps.

More 21st Century Shamanism videos will be released in the following weeks.

Many blessings and much Love!

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    Nothing the best gift of all ,thank you
    salutation to the self

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Phil. Namaste.

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