Higher Self Channeling Measured with Brain EEG & Heart EEG | Measuring Unity Consciousness

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
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Brain EEG and Heart EEG measure what happens inside my body as I channel the Higher Self Consciousness. Brain activity in the crown chakra and third eye area increase. Maximum levels of happy and peaceful emotions are reached. Tiny changes in the nervous system and psyche are measured by advance scientific instruments. Evidence of Higher Self channeling and advanced spiritual practices are in this video.

Science and spirituality come together as we measure what happens inside the brain, heart and nervous system during the channeling state. For more than 20 years I have channeled the Higher Self. Now scientific medical equipment is able to show what happens inside the human brain and body while in these heightened states of awareness.

Key Points:

1. Chart in the upper left corner shows the amount of electrical current in the brain, spine and nerves. Watch as the green levels climb when the crown chakra and third eye chakra are opened. Watch as the entire nervous system receives more electrical energy as I connect to God Consciousness.

2. Chart in the upper right corner shows the emotional state in the body. Watch as the strength of emotional arousal (energy in the emotional body) stays at maximum levels (far right). Watch as the emotional energy oscillates between happy and peaceful as I channel.

Watch another video from my brain, heart and body EEG session with Jonathan Rickert of Awareness Ascending. We measured what happens in my brain, heart, nervous system, and cardiovascular system (breath) while in relaxed awareness (non-meditative), while I meditate on the Spiritual Heart and while I channel the Higher Self. We will be sharing the data and explaining what we discovered on Friday June 18th. Register now for the Zoom live stream broadcast https://awarenessascending.com/valence-live/lincoln-gergar

Watch all of the presentations for Lincoln’s brain study

Lincoln Channel Higher Self & Jonathan Rickert | Brain EEG Study Advanced Meditation Channeling #1
– The first part of this video presentation. (1 hour 30 minutes)

Lincoln Channel Higher Self & Jonathan Rickert | Brain EEG Study Advanced Meditation Channeling #2
– The second part of this video presentation. (1 hour 30 minutes)
* Current video you are watching.

Lincoln of Channel Higher Self with Jonathan Rickert | Measuring Unity Consciousness Brain EEG Study
– This video is the Awareness Ascending podcast and in-person Sedona presentation.   This is the first time the findings from this study were presented to an audience.  Many key points were shared and questions were answered from the audience. (1 hour 20 minutes)

Watch the videos from Lincoln’s brain scan

Special thanks to the Sedona Quantum Consciousness team



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