Remote Viewing / Open Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) Measured Brain EEG | Measuring Unity Consciousness

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
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Modern scientific equipment can measure what happens in the brain when experiencing awakened spiritual states of higher consciousness. We now have proof that spiritual experiences are real and not imaginary. Watch as I open my third eye and remote view a physical location in Sedona.

We have the technology to measure Brain EEG and Heart EEG while having spiritual experiences. In this video clip we show the brain activity and strength and quality of emotion while I perform psychic exercises like remote viewing and higher dimension soul travel.

This video will help to build confidence in anyone practicing spiritual techniques to awaken higher states of consciousness. Remote viewing, seeing with the third eye and soul travel are real and possible for everyone. Use this video to build your own confidence that you can have these states of awakening yourself.

Key Points

1. Watch the green bars increase in the chart located in the upper left corner. This chart shows the amount of electricity in the different areas of the brain and nervous system (entire body). Watch how the green bars (brain area) increase while I remote view.

Join Jonathan, Mark and myself as we share the data and explain what we discovered. Join us on Friday June 18th. Register now for the Zoom live stream broadcast

Thank you Jonathan, Mark and Alex for this opportunity to unite science and spirituality.

* Jonathan Rickert of Awareness Ascending |
* Alex Sanchez of Central Florida Bio Feedback |
* Mark Szymczak of Breathing Coach |
* Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self |


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