Scientific Evidence that Emotion is Conscious and Not Unconscious | Measuring Unity Consciousness

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021
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Academic psychologists teach that emotions are automatic unconscious reactions and cannot be controlled. This widely-accepted concept is wrong. See the evidence that we can control human emotion in this Brain EEG and Heart EEG experiment with Lincoln, a channel for Higher Self consciousness and the team of Awareness Ascending.

We are exploring human potential and educating the world on what is possible when genuine spiritual practices are used to transform a human being’s inner reality. Everything shown here is possible for any person. We all have the same potential. We only need to awaken it.

Watch another video from my brain, heart and body EEG session with Jonathan Rickert of Awareness Ascending. We measured what happens in my brain, heart, nervous system, and cardiovascular system (breath) while in relaxed awareness (non-meditative), while I meditate on the Spiritual Heart and while I channel the Higher Self. We will be sharing the data and explaining what we discovered on Friday June 18th. Register now for the Zoom live stream broadcast

Thank you Jonathan, Mark and Alex for this opportunity to unite science and spirituality.

* Jonathan Rickert of Awareness Ascending |
* Alex Sanchez of Central Florida Bio Feedback |
* Mark Szymczak of Breathing Coach |
* Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self |


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