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Monday, August 28th, 2017
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Posted here are my responses to a list of questions asked by someone new to the Higher Self teachings.  This person is requesting information about my personal Higher Self channeling sessions, in which I channel answers to questions and requested placed by a client.  Since 2005, I have been channeling for others. Many people have found it useful to work with me on an one-to-one basis.  My more dedicated Higher Self students often use this service on a regular basis.   I hope that the information on this web page helps you to understand this aspect of my work.  I wish you the best.  Namaste.

~ Lincoln


Thank you for your interest in working with me. I will answer your questions and requests now.

1) I’d be interested to see a sample of a session you’ve had with someone to get an idea of what it’s like, or at least a sample of you in the channeling state.

I cannot share another person’s session recording with you because each session is confidential. The information shared in a personal session is unique and specific to the person receiving it. Often times people receive guidance on topics that are sensitive in nature. To honor the client and the integrity of my work, all sessions are private. If the client is willing to share a session recording with you, that is their choice to make, not mine.

I can provide you with the contact information of people whom I have worked with more frequently. I feel that a single session only touches the surface of what is possible and likely in our work together. Those people who are sincere and dedicated to their own spiritual growth apply what is taught, experience growth rapidly, and understand more what is offered through the Higher Self work. Like in all areas of life, we receive relative to what we create. Those who create with more dedication, receive more in return from life and from our work together. The Higher Self information is accurate and the sessions are very helpful. I had over 5,000 sessions in the 12 years I’ve been doing this work. Nearly all of them are from repeat clients. Most people do not work with me only once. This can help you see how my work has been received.

In a personal session, the Higher Self connects directly with the person and perceives their multidimensional non-physical self (emotional energy system, mental body, spiritual consciousness / soul, and Higher Self). The information and energy provided by the Higher Self is because of what the Higher Self sees non-physically. The client receiving the sessions only needs to ask their questions. These sessions are not a dialogue. The Higher Self will speak for an hour or longer continuously as it looks into the person’s mental, emotional and physical reality. More questions can be answered after each channeled answer. The session concludes when no more questions remain, the client feels saturated with energy and information or the time available has expired.

2) Would you simply speak or are you able to speak and record the transmission in typed print as well?

All channeling sessions are recorded on mp3 audio files and emailed to the client. We can work together live on Skype or the phone, and it will be recorded. If a client does not wish to work live, then he/she can email me a list of questions and I will record their channeling. No, I do not type sessions because the length of time to type a session makes this restrictive. The client can choose to type their own transcript using the audio recording.

3) What kind of things are you able to access and record for your clients?

The client may ask any questions that he/she desires. I place no restriction on the questions asked or topics chosen.

The purpose of these Higher Self sessions is to receive guidance to help a person awaken on their spiritual path (discovering and understanding more about who they are and how this reality functions), to achieve more creative success in their lives (since we are all incarnate to learn how to be conscious creators), to understand how to experience happiness and to be supported in this process, to heal past traumas, to understand and progress in difficult areas of life, etc.

If a person asks questions or requests guidance that are not supporting the person’s soul path of evolution, then this will be told and clearly explained to the client. The client will be taught how to best work with themselves using more effective approaches, while also being taught why their initial request was limited or not serving their highest good. An example would be if the person is asking for winning lottery ticket numbers because they are unhappy in their lives and believe that money will heal their own internal suffering. Another example would be if a person is asking the Higher Self to manipulate another person’s free will so that they will fall in love with them.

4) How long does it take you to get into a state where you’re able to answer questions and receive downloads?

The amount of time needed to start a channeling is nearly instant. Usually within a single breath, I can connect and begin channeling. A channeling session usually lasts 1 hour long. However I am able to channel for hours on end. In my workshops, it is common for myself to channel for many hours without a break. I do not tire when channeling because of the energy state that I am in. The Higher Self is a stream of immense energy and fulfills my body’s needs while I channel.

5) Who are we talking to while you channel? Are you able to access and connect with our personal soul/higher self and speak with it?

During a session, I channel my Higher Self consciousness. I do not embody other beings, entities, dis-incarnate spirits, or other people’s Higher Selves. It is unnecessary, and in many cases dangerous, to embody another being. In the Higher Self state, there is a very clear and accurate perception of unity consciousness. Essentially, “all Higher Selves are the same and everything is connected” in this dimension. I am able to accurately perceive another person’s physical body, emotional energy body (chakras), mental body, soul consciousness and Higher Self and provide information about these forms. It is not necessary for me to embody another being, when the state of unity consciousness allows me to perceive it and know it directly. Basically, “I know it as myself” in the Higher Self state but I do not place it into my physical body.

6) I’m also interested to know if you’re able to access the following-
• personal medical information
• medical info of family members
• personal life, hardships, questions, etc
• questions about the future/past
• the “right” choices/paths for myself and others in specific situations

I can provide information to any questions that are asked. There are very few topics that I can not help a client with.

If a person is asking about another person’s experiences, permission must be granted by that person or that person’s soul. If a client was to ask about another person and that person’s soul did not allow it, I would receive that communication from the soul and the lack of permission would be communicated to the client. If the soul was in cooperation then the information would be provided.

7) After deep meditation I’ve felt the feeling you describe as the higher self. This state of mind happens relatively rarely for me, although I usually meditate daily. How do you recommend I access this state of mind more frequently? Is it possible to maintain constantly? How much meditation would be nessesary per day to maintain this feeling through out the day?

The Higher Self recommended path of spiritual awakening isl taught in my YouTube videos. You can use this webpage to start your learning. In personal sessions, more specific information based on your individual experience and needs will be given, as compared to my YouTube videos. The YouTube serve a more general audience.

How often a person meditates, what practices a person should perform for optimal growth, etc is unique to each person. In a personal session, I can answer such questions and also explain why each recommendation has been made. By helping a person better understand how they function and why a practice is effective support the person in their own path. To keep useful information from a person will only prolong his/her ignorance and suffering. This is opposite to the intention of the Higher Self within us all. The Higher Self wants you to understand yourself and your reality. Information is given to help a person form a very complete understanding.

Higher states of emotional energy are one of the signs of an awakening Higher Self connection. As the human mind, emotional energy system (chakras) and physical body becomes purified and the Higher Self within is experienced more fully, there will be many more experiences of awakening. The Higher Self path taught in my videos is very clear and direct. Anyone who dedicates themselves to these teachings will experience accelerated spiritual awakening, much faster and with less difficulty than most spiritual systems taught today. The quality of information, guidance and energy from our Higher Self is far superior than what our human-conditioned mind can offer. The purpose of my videos is to help you awaken the Higher Self connection within yourself.

8) In a couple weeks I plan to dedicate a day to meditate heavily, workout, eat high vibration foods, and get myself into the right mindset to take psilocybin mushrooms. I’m hoping this will allow me to connect to my higher self more directly and answer many of my personal questions I have for myself. Would you agree with this or would you warn to stay away from such psychedelics?

I cannot advise a person on how to use sacred foods that are considered illegal by United States law. I can say that such sacred foods have been used for thousands of years to create expanded states of consciousness. Traditionally these foods were taken in a sacred manner and in a carefully controlled environment while practicing internal methods like meditation, energy healing or self-analysis. How a person approaches a sacred medicine is extremely important in determining the experience the person will have.

In regards to any type of spiritual practice, it is important that the person understands that he/she will discover more about their own mind. In meditation, energy healing, and self-analysis, we often experience of our mental projections.  We may see visions, awaken stronger emotional feelings, gain new insights and have physical purification symptoms. These experiences must be understood and worked with properly, otherwise psychological or physical harm can occur. Essentially, we must approach the spiritual path with knowledge and maturity. Many people, unfortunately, experiment with meditation and sacred foods with an immaturity and foolishness that causes them to enter into deeper confusion and ignorance about the true nature of their experiences.

Because sacred foods alter the brain chemistry, ancient traditions would require future participants to follow very strict diets to prepare their bodies for weeks before ingestion and often a different diet a few days before the ingestion.  Anyone seriously considering the use of a sacred food would benefit by educating themselves on proper preparations.

In this ancient traditions, the use of sacred foods would be overseen by an elder or medicine man.  Because the initial experience is so vastly different from anything else known or comparable in one’s past, a mature person with knowledge and experience would help to guide them.  After the experience concludes, the elder or medicine man would also help the person to understand and integrate their experience.   Then, once experience is gained and the person feels confident in their understanding of the effects of the sacred food, the person could work alone with the medicine.

If you are desiring to practice meditation and create a healthier mind and body, I recommend educating yourself first, applying what you know in a way that is balanced and not extreme, allowing for the psychological adjustments that will happen over time, have patience for all changes to occur and, above all else, treat your body and mind as a sacred temple that you respect and honor.

9) I genuinely appreciate what you do and as you can probably tell, I have loads of questions. As I mentioned I know of quite a few people who could benefit from hearing you speak and I will introduce them to your page to them. I think what I may do is compile more questions in a list then make a donation and setup the session at a later time.

I hope that my answers have helped you to understand my work and to prepare to make your own future choices. When you feel ready to work with me, simply let me know.

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