Method of the Spiritual Masters – Radiate Light and Love Technique

Sunday, March 20th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 105
Date: March 19, 2011
Title: Method of the Spiritual Masters – Radiate Light and Love Technique
Running Time: 42:44
Parts: 5

Method of the Spiritual Masters – Radiate Light and Love Technique

Do you absorb other people’s emotion, thoughts and energies? Do you have difficultly staying in a higher consciousness state all the time? Are you empathic and have difficulty with boundaries or energy vampires? Learn this powerful spiritual energy technique used by all the Spiritual Masters to radiate Spiritual Light and Divine Love.

In this Higher Self channeling video you will learn a simple and extremely powerful energy healing, purification and empowerment technique called Spiritual Radiation. Learn how you can channel through your entire human energy system (mind, body and emotions) pure Spiritual Light and Love. Your energy system has specific doorways into the higher consciousness state and higher spiritual dimensions. By learning where to place your focus, you can unlock these extremely powerful spiritual energies of Light and Love in you. You can radiate this Spiritual Light from your entire being to keep your energy system safe, clean, protected and at the highest vibration level. This is a simple Higher Self technique that anyone can master. This Light and Love radiation technique is the most effective technique for purifying this planet and ascending all of humanity into a higher dimension of living.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this powerful meditation with us on how to radiate Love and Light, Lincoln!

    Higher Self clearly laid out how to raise our vibration and that of the world through sharing our Love. I feel my vibration raised from doing it just one time during the video. I commit to practicing it in my daily walk in life to fulfill my calling of being the Love, Light and Truth in this world. This is powerful and practicing it will take me to where I want to be…living from my Spiritual Heart and being in full awareness of living in the Heart of God. This meditation is a blessing and I really appreciate it..thank you!

    Much Love and Many Blessings,


  2. Lee says:

    What I find, Lincoln, is that the content of these sessions reflect and amplify what I intuitively and through feeling realize myself. From observing the spiritual scene on the internet, what strikes me is that the power of love itself seems far under-emphasized or seemingly paid what seems rather like ‘lip-service.’

    Looking, for example, into enlightenment and non-duality materials, I feel quite often as though things are being approached in a very oblique, mind & words orientated way. I find myself feeling ‘is someone going to even give love a mention at any point in this?’

    Isn’t this the critical error that we, as humans, seem to fall into quite easily – the colossal mistake of resorting to the mind’s equivocal, shifting interpretations and structures as a path to happiness? We massively overrate the mind – ‘form’ – in this way.

    It’s because we do not realize the extent of the power in our heart because we have not experienced it purely and encompassingly enough yet.

    My own experience shows me quite simply that LOVE is ‘it,’ the secret of everything, the meaning of life, that which I MUST have and be and give. Without this, what have I? Nothing. The higher self, as you channel it, teaches me again what love teaches me.

    Thank you, I love you.

  3. Eric Mix says:

    I will join you in this! Thank you for reminding me of this truth of why I am here : )

    Eric : )

  4. Eva says:

    thank you so much in confirming and strengthen my resolve.
    Many blessings and love to you.

  5. joi yan says:

    my mind pops in and asks “is this it” ??? is this love?…. it’s not what you think it is….

    you re sweet . 🙂

  6. Jah says:

    Thank You

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