Feeding our Mind, Body and Emotions with Divine Love

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: December 13, 2010
Title: Feeding our Mind, Body and Emotions with Divine Love
Running Time: 36:25
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Feeding our Mind, Body and Emotions with Divine Love

Human life is a struggle between the spiritual forces and the material forces. We feel the influence of the spiritual forces and material forces within us. These forces motivate our thoughts, emotions, physical health, and actions. The accomplishment of these forces give us different degrees of happiness and security. We also witness the struggle of the spiritual forces and material forces in other people, in society, and in the world. All of life appears to be a balancing act of the spiritual forces and material forces. How can we integrate the spiritual forces within us and overcome the material forces that cause us suffering?

In this Satsang with the Self video, we look at the role the spiritual forces and material forces play in the area of food and nutrition. Not only do we feed our physical body by ingesting material foods, we also feed our emotional body through our relationships and our mental body through our goals, pursuits, and accomplishments. In this Higher Self video you will learn how you can expand your experience and understanding of human nutrition by creating the direct experience of receiving nourishment from the Life Force Energy within you. This Divine Creative Energy is food for the mind, emotions and physical body. It is a pure food that satisfies all of our cravings and desires, compared to food and energy taken outside of our body which is impure and leaves us unsatisfied and craving more.

In this Channel Higher Self video, learn a valuable guided meditation and personal affirmation exercise that will help you to reconnect your multidimensional human energy system to the Higher Self – the God Within.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    This message taught me about the origins of us feeling the need to nourish our bodies through taking in physical food, and how to feel compassion for myself and others. I know that sometimes we habitually eat because we do not feel this compassion. I learned more about how to connect with Source for my daily physical and spiritual sustenance through the exercise given to us in the video. This message from Higher Self has taught me to seek the Break of Life within because it will give me the daily nourishment that I seek emotionally, spiritually and physically. This message helps me to better understand that a plate of food cannot bring me comfort in this way…thanks, Lincoln!

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