Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Perceiving Love As Your Existence

Sunday, June 25th, 2017
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 20, 2017
Title: Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Perceiving Love As Your Existence
Running Time: 30:44

Creating Higher Consciousness Relationships – Perceiving Love As Your Existence

Learn a unique and rare technique to quickly enter into a state without thoughts, then expand your Spiritual Heart with Divine Love. An open Heart with a silent mind creates the genuine bliss of oneness. Everything is Love.

Everything is God and everything is Love. Enlightened beings and sages have said this since ancient times. It is easy to understand with concepts and words. The challenge has always been experiencing the actual bliss that accompanies this knowledge. Hundreds of teachings and methods have tried to give a person blissful love and most require years of constant application and practice. There is an easier way.

There is a very fast and extremely easy method to immediately stop your thought process. By using your eyes in a specific way you can stop the mind’s thoughts. Then in this state of expanded vision, the Spiritual Heart is engaged and the flow of bliss will awaken. With a mind free from thinking, the blocks to feeling this bliss do not exist. The blissful love energy flows everywhere.

The cells of your body will be flooded with blissful love.
Your chakras will expand with higher vibrations of blissful love.
Your aura will shine with blissful light.
You will directly experience the Light Body of Bliss (Anandamayakosha) – your deepest form as a soul.

Perceiving everything as love may begin with the idea that everything is love, but the process is so much greater. Reading and talking about oneness has never been enough. We must go beyond the mind’s thoughts.

In the modern day world so many people talk about bliss, love and oneness. But who or what can actually take a person there? This simple and direct method can!

This Channel Higher Self video will guide you in creating a new relationship with your own existence. Know and feel blissful love for everything in every moment of your existence. See God in all things and Love God in all things. Oneness has always been the Truth. Now is the time to experience this Truth directly.

Blessings and Love.

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