Celibacy is Intimate Self Love

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: February 15, 2011
Title: Celibacy is Intimate Self Love
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Celibacy is Intimate Self Love

Many spiritual traditions recommend periods of celibacy or sexual abstinence – called Brahmacharya in yoga. Although many minor and often misleading reasons may be given – such as self denial of material pleasures, original sin or immaturity – the fundamental spiritual reasons for celibacy are qi / chi / prana / life energy cultivation, development, and storage and purification of the mind, body and emotions. Celibacy, when practiced with spiritual intentions restore self Love and our connection with God, the Source of All Creative Life Energies.

Celibacy, also called Brahmacharya in India, is a form of fasting and when practiced correctly, celibacy purifies more than simply the sexual organs and sexual energy centers (chakras) in the body. Correct celibacy works to uncover and purify the desires of the mind and emotions, as well as the entire human chakra energy system. By storing and developing the sexual energy in your body you will bring all layers of your being into harmony and power.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will learn how to properly practice celibacy. You will be given the knowledge necessary to guide you to transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy by combining the biological energy in the sexual organs and sexual energy chakra centers with the Spiritual Love energy in the Spiritual Heart and higher energy centers. When practiced properly, celibacy / brahmacharya is a powerful tool for quickened spiritual development and Divine Love.

Many Blessings and Much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, thanks for this informative message about the use of celibacy in our spiritual growth. It was a reminder about learning to love ourselves first, before we seek to get involved in relationships loving others. We often find ourselves thinking that we need to find lovers and other people to make us feel loved, all the while forgetting that we are Love and already whole and complete. I like the part where you mentioned that we change our manifest selves when the expression of energies intertwine during relationships with sexual encounters, which makes us unclear about which emotions and beliefs are our own. You mentioned that celibacy helps us to have more clarity of mind, greater strength, and emotional peace. You also mentioned that during periods of celibacy, we can better influence our experience of life and bring more Love to ourselves and others.

    I was thinking that In our society and the media we are bombarded with subliminal messages telling us that we need to find someone to love us and to feel whole. If you are not in a loving relationship, then people even may think that something is wrong with you. I believe that going from one relationship to the next without really taking time out to learn about ourselves causes many of us to have emotional problems. Thanks for enlightening us about the spiritual practice of celibacy, which gives us time to look at, and to learn more about ourselves through acceptance and self-love. Celibacy gives us more time to spend on ourselves in awareness.



  2. Lincoln says:

    People are always looking for ways to attain greater happiness and the modern marketing industry knows this very well. Marketing has become a fine-tuned science that plays on people’s suffering by selling them false hope. It is important that we all look within ourselves to uncover this happiness that we seek. Yes, we can enjoy the material world, but we should not mistakenly believe that happiness exists in some disposable toy or temporary experience. Happiness is knowing who you are and being who you are. Thank you for all your support Adrienne. Blessings and Love.

  3. Adrienne says:

    You’re welcome, Lincoln! I enjoy and appreciate your messages from Higher Self!!

  4. SUNE says:

    Dear Lincoln,


    In deepest part of my heart I really see the TRUTH in your words beyond all societal conditioning..


  5. Lincoln says:

    True Love is unconditional in every way. This Love is Life Energy and is given freely to us from the Creative Source. We are this Love and this Consciousness. The more we surrender the false beliefs of suffering and separation, the more we effortlessly allow our True Self to shine in every moment. Blessings and Love my friend. Namaste.

  6. Maurice says:

    Great…Thanks so much Lincoln for your inspiration. I have been on the path of celibacy for about 2 years now, and not always successfully…but slowly beginning to get established in the pure peace which only chastity can bring. I have learned from painful experience that only celibacy is the groundwork for everything else. The number one requirement for all true happiness much Love

  7. Lincoln says:

    Celibacy is a very powerful practice. Over time it will purify many of our selfish desires – including how we relate to other people. I wish you the best on your spiritual practice. The energy gained from celibacy will greatly empower your progress and self-mastery. Namaste.

  8. Chris says:

    “Marketing has become a fine-tuned science that plays on people’s suffering by selling them false hope.”

    Fortunately I have realized this soon in my career as a graphic designer. I can no longer stand selling people illusions and idealistic lifestyles.

    It is a shame that people so easily and ignorantly soak up advertising. Many say they hate commercials, but still fall victim to their techniques.

  9. Lincoln says:

    No experience is wasted. When I graduated high school, my mom gave me a magnet that had a quote: “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling.”


  10. M. says:

    Well said! But what do you do within a family where the child is still at home and you having a partner who enjoys and asks for sexual intercourse otherwise he gets frustrated. It is very hard wanting a solution where you can be celibacy, but the partner doesnt!!! How shall this work?!

    Lots of Love


  11. Lincoln says:

    For most people sexual interaction is a very important part of a relationship. When it is missing, a person may feel rejected or more distant from their loved one. Remember that sexual expression is a natural human function and is not bad or wrong. Sometimes our judgments of socially-conditioned morality or past experiences of suffering can influence how to relate to this powerful aspect of ourselves.

    Celibacy can be a difficult choice because it is a very personal one. When in relationship, choosing celibacy is even more complex a decision. My advice is to make clear and honest communication a cornerstone in your relationship. In this way you avoid confusion and some undesirable emotions that would otherwise exist. Express why you are exploring celibacy so that he doesn’t feel pushed away, yet try to honor his wishes as well. Relationships are like balancing acts at time and we must be willing to listen to the other’s needs, feel their deeper emotions and do the best we can to ensure health and happiness.

    Remember too that there are higher forms of sexual intercourse – such as what I speak about in these videos: , and . Sex can be a sacred energy exchange and amplification process that goes far beyond physical contact and biological drives. These books will teach more: .

    Ultimately this a person decision for you. Go within and find that which feels best for you. Sometimes our decisions in life are not simple, but we always have our Higher Self within to guide us. Blessings and Love.

  12. Wynona says:

    Thank you very much for this Higher Self message. True unconditional self love purifies all emotional traumas and it is the only thing that truly can heal. You won’t find anyone in this world who can love you more fully and unconditionally than your own true self which is one with God. This is the greatest lesson of all.

    I am truly thankful that I came across your Higher Self teachings when I did and not a moment later, for sometimes we lose ourselves in this world. When I first began watching your videos I thought to myself, “I have never heard anyone speak such pure and loving messages before.”
    They reminded me of Jesus’ teachings which I always felt connected to as a child.

    love and graditude 🙂

  13. Lincoln says:

    I am so very happy to help Wynona. With a little bit of knowledge and trust we can transform ourselves in remarkable ways. Never lose hope. Always keep trusting. The results will continue to come.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

  14. Wynona says:

    Yes, everyday I continue to learn new lessons. My peace and happiness is growing greatly! 🙂

  15. lala says:

    thank you for these videos! they are lovely but i had a question. in video 4 you even say that sexual fantasy should be avoided as it will be energetically received by the person in the physical realm? why exactly is that something that should be avoided? also i have been celibate for 2 years now by choice, i have been undergoing a tremendous amount of spiritual growth and the desire for sex just evaporated. I am 24 year old female and had a strong drive for a number of years, im just in a transitional part of my life. my concern might seem a little silly but am i hurting my libido in the long haul by remaining celibate for the time being? along the lines of ‘you dont use it, you lose it’?

  16. Lincoln says:

    When we have sexual fantasies about another person we connect mentally and energetically to that person. When we lust after a person, then we bring their energies into us. This affects the emotions we feel and the thoughts we have. If the person we lust for has greed, fear or anger, then we also take greed, fear and anger into ourselves. We risk contaminating our own energy system when we connect to impure energies around us.

    For spiritual cultivation we should work to increase our connection to our Higher Selves and to God. An important part of this Higher Self path is the development of our own energy system to be as pure and strong as possible. We must be discerning about how we use our mind – understanding that what we think about we increase as our experience.

    No, there is no risk of damaging the sexual organs or losing our sexual reproductive abilities by practicing healthy and correct celibacy. Correct celibacy has no emotions of guilt, shame or fear projected onto sex. Correct celibacy is a choice made with wisdom and in clarity, as we recognize the benefits of sexual energy mastery.

  17. lala says:

    I see. thank you for the clarification. much love.

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