Higher Perspective on Sexual Energy Tantra Practices

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
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Title: Higher Perspective on Sexual Energy Tantra Practices
Date: September 24, 2008
Running Time: 18:12
Video Parts: 2

Higher Perspective on Sexual Energy Tantra Practices

Sexual Energy cultivation practices are frequently recommended to help raise one’s spiritual energy level to attain enlightenment.

Listen to the Higher Self discuss the core of sexual energy cultivation practices and sexual tantra.

Receive a Higher perspective on celebacy, masturbation, orgasm retention, and dual sexual energy cultivation.

Clear up misunderstanding that surround sexual energy practices and experience the fastest path to spiritual enlightenment.

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Part 2

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  1. Important subject says:

    I agree that “who we really are” is ultimately beyond body issues, but it does not follow that we can necessarily ignore the physical processes of the body in our quest to experience minds free from illusion. Nor does it necessarily follow that when we address the body in our quest for enlightenment we are “separating” ourselves from Spirit. Spirit encompasses everything, including the aspect of us that is experiencing ourselves as physical, with its limitations.

    Perhaps Spirit can also help us learn about and meet the conditions for restoring ourselves to full awareness.

    My sense is that if we want to free our minds, we must learn to use the body differently. I can’t help but notice that all the great spiritual traditions have esoteric traditions teaching the same thing.

    It’s great to remind us that God is in all things, and we need not “purify” ourselves to connect with God. We’re already part of God. But we may well have to shift our perception before we can experience the Oneness that is Reality.

    Like it or not, how we use our body has major effects on our perception. Would you tell a drunk that he need not be sober before he can experience Oneness? Or someone eating so much junk food that she’s all jumpy that she need not clean up her diet and calm herself before she’ll experience the Truth? Or a porn addict who is compulsively glued to his computer’s streaming images that all he needs to do is keep in mind that he’s actually Love? Intoxication, mild or extreme, can still interfere with experiencing the love and oneness that is our true reality – even if we intellectually understand all those concepts.

    Thanks for reminding us that spiritual “progress” is not a question of “improving” oneself to become “worthy.” This pursuit is indeed a red herring. But spiritual awakening may be a question of clearing up our spiritual perception and reception so that Reality can “dawn on us.”

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