21st Century Shamanism: Erase Your Personal History

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 175
Date: September 11, 2012
Title: 21st Century Shamanism: Erase Your Personal History
Running Time: 1:16:41
Parts: 8

21st Century Shamanism: Erase Your Personal History

The core to spiritual freedom is the removal of the personal ego. This requires the removal of our identification with our personal history and our beliefs. Acheiving total enlightenment / full Self-realization requires the removal of all thoughts. This Higher Self video teaches how to erase your personal history to remove all thoughts.

Our personal history is our collection of ideas about who we are and what the world is. All of our past experiences and all of our thought patterns form the foundation of our personal history. It is this personal history that is the core of the ego structure. As long as our ego is operating, then our conscious spirit is being over-powered and suppressed by this automatic process within us. The ego greatly limits our personal freedom, our creative power and our experience of happiness, joy and peace. Erasing our personal history – the ideas we have about who we are – is essential if we wish to experience freedom from the ego’s control and genuine spiritual enlightenment.

In this video you will learn how the ego is created by our personal history. You will learn how to most easily and most quickly deconstruct your personal history to remove your personal ego. You will understand why some popular spiritual techniques are not effective and why others methods are more effective. By the end of this video teaching you will have all the tools and information that you need to free yourself from your mind.

Authentic shamanism includes a balance of practices and theory that purify the mind and energy system and increase personal mastery and creative power. Focusing too heavily on the purification will lead to lethargy and stagnation. Focusing too heavily on personal power will lead to narcisism and build a stronger ego. It is necessary to maintain balance in our spiritual development.

This video is made up of 2 sections. Video parts 1-6 are myself, Lincoln, discussing the topic. Video parts 7 and 8 show the Higher Self channeled message. I have begun sharing my own personal perspective on these spiritual topics because some viewers have stated that the Higher Self message can be difficult to understand. This is my 5th video in this new format and I have received consistent feedback that my personal discussions are very helpful. So I will continue to use this new format.

More 21st Century Shamanism videos will be released in the following weeks.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 2

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  1. Joey says:

    Yes! Just what i was waiting for!

  2. Judy says:

    Another excellent series! I do understand the need to maintain inner silence and not let emotional thoughts take over; however, practical thought seems impossible to function without. For instance, I just looked at the time and realized that I have to get moving or I’ll miss an appointment. Along with that are the brief thoughts of what is entailed in order to do that. Can you please comment on that? Thank you, as always.

  3. Lincoln says:

    It is possible to look at the clock and know that it is time to get moving, however never have a thought arise to narrate this inner knowing. This is how I have lived my entire life, being born already awakened. There is such peace, tranquility and harmony in this state. This is what I hope for everyone, that they can experience this same state as myself… and more!

    There is a deeper knowing inside of us – our true intelligence. This intelligence has very little (if anything) to do with auditory thought. Verbal communication will still happen using our mouths and ears, but mental talk does not need to happen at all for comprehension to occur.

    I realize that this “no mind” state is foreign to most people’s experience of reality, however it is very real and so wonderful. I wish everyone to have this possibility, which is why I teach and share what I do.

    Blessings and Love always.

  4. Judy says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    I understand. I do experience this from time to time, but only when I’m in a relaxed state with no time constraints. I can walk through the house, for instance, proceed to do what needs to be done without annoying words in my head giving a play by play. I’ll notice that it just happens and I’ll notice that no thinking words were necessary. It’s a wonderful, peaceful state of mind, Unfortunately, most of the time, when I feel I “should” do this or that, and always when anxious thoughts are believed, the conversation within takes over. I think it’s my way of trying to get control of the situation, but I do understand here that it’s dysfunctional, yet very common for most of mankind.

    Thank you for your continuing teachings to remind us of what is important!

    With love and gratitude,

  5. Lincoln says:

    That is great. So try to remind yourself to stay in awareness during your day.

    Often our mind treats the event in our life like they have monumental importance – so we rush and sacrifice our inner peace. Most events are trivial and unimportant in the grand scheme of life.

    We can give ourselves simple reminders to return to awareness throughout our day, thus establishing a new habit of staying present more often. In time and with practice our new state of peace becomes our constant experience.

    Blessings and Love.

  6. Claude says:

    Dear Lincoln

    Reading these comments I was just wondering where the creative impulses in this no chatting mind state should come from. Living in a completely slient mind would imply that no foreign thoughts could ever enter my mind. I could just inwoke my own thoughts and reproduce what I already know. So how is inspiration in a no-mind state possible when inspiration quasi by definition has to come from some unconscious place so that it can have this caracteristic surprising quality to it? How is it possible to be open to new thoughts whilst beeing completely self aware? Do inspirations always come from some non-verbalized higher kind of knowing?

    Would love your comment on this
    big hug


  7. Lincoln says:

    There is a significant difference between the chatting mind and our actual intelligence. The two are not the same. It is only once a person is able to silence their mind that they can begin to discover the greater intelligence that they have. Then once this personal “higher” intelligence is integrated deeply enough, and the personal self sufficiently purified, an even greater Universal Intelligence can be experienced flowing through oneself.

    The evidence for this is that a person can have access to information that is beyond their own personal experience. For example, when I do personal sessions with people I communicate information to them about themselves that I have no way of possibly knowing. All of this information is still being accessed while the mind is empty and without any thoughts. This is most important and the only way that one can access the higher intelligences.

    The difficulty in understanding this is that the experience of living without thoughts is foreign to 99.99% of the human population. One must study truly enlighten teachers to even begin to enter into this level of spiritual knowledge. 99.99% of spiritual teachers are not enlightened, although a larger percentage will claim to be. Because spiritual enlightenment is an inner experience, it is very difficult to verify. Only an awakened person can discern if another is awakened as well.

    You have many questions and that is good. It is important to be curious and discerning. The best way to get true answers to your questions is for your to cultivate this inner state of purity and silence. Then you will be introduced to a completely new way of experiencing reality. It truly is like night and day. When one starts to break free from the ego, it is life-changing experience that is never lost. I know of nothing more important to be working towards while being human.

    I wish you the best. Blessings and Love always.

  8. phil says:

    Many blessings

  9. Elonda says:

    Very powerful! this message has awaken something inside of me that is unexplainable, i can not express this feeling in words all I know is I have found my path and that i have a strong desire to experience inner silence and merge with God. I feel emotional about this and i have even cried because I know I have found my light!!! Im excited about this series and very thankful I have found my path to discover truth, through my own experience and not from someone else’s.

    Thankyou, Lincoln

  10. Lincoln says:

    This is wonderful Elonda! Honor the Spiritual Fire that has been lit inside your Heart. It will continue to guide you and encourage you to continue on your path.

    I wish you the greatest blessings of Light and Love.

    ~ Lincoln

  11. evangelos says:

    I shall wreck the heavens and strike through all deceptions all cunning things and all manipulations…Mind is the essence of being and body is of clay the essence of decay…Consciousness of life and death and awareness overall stresses my living days…who ‘s to blame? How did this came about that through all these conditioning I must adjust and follow… All relationships have gone astray – all bodies have decayed and turned to ashes – creation overflows with ignorance and the rise and fall strikes universal… Even spiritual awakening is the EGO’s mind… stop and reason out – don’t cultivate suffering and don’t raze up death…learn to abide in stillness and learn to enter silence…

  12. evangelos says:

    I froze the time within my mind and v’ seen the end of creation… I v’ seen the you and me dislodged from space in non-dual relation… the empty space ran through my mind and v’ seen beyond perception – and the clear vision of stillness began and the cosmos was done as cubes of assimilation… (2) before this sight and birth that took place I was the grace in silence but since my mind got bound by time I yearn in cycle to conquer psycho… it will take some time and surely be done I will arise above and be divine as the grace is only me and mind… for the Ego to conquer…

  13. evangelos says:

    Has anyone ever known that man is being chased by his own mind? The urge to communicate to feel and engage in relation while nothing satisfies his being for too long? Creation falsifies its validity and mind has no grounds other than a fleeting shadow of never becoming, but a stagnation within the cycle of artificiality and contradiction, an empty hole in the mind’s eye that can never be fulfilled…

  14. evangelos says:

    A shadow appeared and mind got steered and ( I ) was born to be bound… The grounds arose and the skies opposed reality was then diverted… forces appeared and the truth got feared – sensuality was then connected… Gravity got flung and reality got strung – and surely the Ego was then perfected…

  15. evangelos says:

    I am the atomic atom – the nucleus spark – the reactor of all that comes into being… I visualize within myself – I create out of me and project the cosmos as if though externally… Deep within me there is no one – there is emptiness and void – Nor up and neither down is there any where to be found – cold and heat do not exist – nor light and neither darkness – I alone pervade the everlasting Dome and still I know not of myself… But now that you have come along thus far and made of me a bundle of thoughts dressed amongst your desires you continue to crave for more… How can this be says I that when I of you were made of me continue to crave for permanency as if though there is decline…None-the-less you are the best of I that I of you has ever met – I am you and you are All and together we walk along the path…Along the distance we walk and touch and I of you makes more of such and as you get old and aware of the game you depart to another world of no demand… That world of mine a secrete place belong to all that strive for the goal and as the world on earth unfolds you take your rest in me the the best… I give you life and you partake of my strength and both together we maintain that I through you and you through me reach the end and the beginning of eternity…Within this galactic universe of a billion world I Am the atom of them all the indivisible whole and the divisions of many… Thus spoke the ONE of void through the mouth of emptiness and All was said and done by His Word – the – LOGOS…

  16. evangelos says:

    The Eternal Soul beyond conditioning as ( I ) that functions and thinks and speaks throughout all dimensions and creations: Has no present – no future and neither past…Its the finality – between the light and the darkness at last… Search for it – think of it – speak of it – discover it – and be IT…

  17. evangelos says:

    Must have the means and know the how – and rise above on your own Supper-tower… I leave behind All men and kind and shall therefore dwell deep within my divine… The linkages are broken and no Gods can bind me and neither my relations can trace my path and find me… I have seen the Cosmos and tasted All Creations a spark of my energy my own manifestations… I am of the No-where and neither can I be made – All borderlines are broken as all Egos are token – but I hold the Keys…

  18. evangelos says:

    Reality is undivided and all things arise from the eternal flames of the Soul. See and realize that the eternity has touched physical being.and the flames are also your own. You cannot divide yourself from the happenings to which are occurring. Reality will eventually transcend all shapes and forms. It transforms matter through time and space and becomes the visions in its own luminous radiance. Awareness rides on the immortal flames as mind and visions. stay put and enjoy your own show. Be courageous in transformation of your own appearances but don’t make them permanent – march further on… you are indeed beyond. Christ is also the consciousness of your own mind that you must unite and behold the path towards eternity by conversions and emanations and of radiance formations of heavens and beyond. Conquer all fear for you are the one and only dear to behold..Don’t ignore the fact and be clouded by ignorance, call out your internal voice and the in-dwelling of Christ consciousness by being still and also learn how to abide on your own -transcending appearances and transformations.

  19. evangelos says:

    1st) Can mind in itself be an error in yearning? 2nd) Experiencing can be also destructive by error, mind or even nature… By error mind has assumed mental formations in craving even afterlife and also to crave death due to error. 3rd) Can all possibilities, in creation and throughout the universe, contain error in themselves, and therefore error somehow distinguishes itself and turns back to No-thing? 4th) Can the possibility, due to error, evolve for final liberation from error? Can you give up your human experience and trace the mind to its divinity beyond conditions and error? Absolute eternity is beyond error…All errors are consumed by eternity, as they arise, through extinction – Un-erring remains as the absolute. Heaven and hell are states of erring/mind within the absolute reality, as creation and division, vs. error and ignorance. And He said: I am the way and the light that leads to resurrection from error.

  20. evangelos says:

    I am the hermit in complete solitude tracing the Lord’s spirit and to uplift man’s ignorance and error from their flesh and bring transcendence to their heart and mind. Perhaps some will pretend while others will dismiss while those who have heart and radiance the Lord will never miss…

  21. evangelos says:

    Think on to think Not and become simple in your mind’s measurement… Mind and appearance have degenerated the vision of reality and got tangled up by mental cognition… As you think you are… Formations and Mental / cognition have trapped energy in division as such and the necessity of the Ego entity has steered knowledge, space and time…In other words, through knowledge you have manipulated energy and brought limits to reality and the misfortune of birth, life and death to your own being… Get this deep into your minds: There is no space, and there is no time and there isn’t any evolution either….Mind is dead and you are swimming in your past illusions… Saving your energy is saving God…There is no birth and there is no death, beyond this knowledge and appearance that you have for your little self, you are – ETERNAL…

  22. evangelos says:

    True happiness comes about when you have arisen beyond conditions, beyond form, beyond sensuality, beyond recognition… The path that leads to Nirvana must be pierced through and through until the burden of becoming gets over you…

  23. evangelos says:

    pour your mind out and keep yourself empty, have no corners of inside or outside, where no consciousness can reside and abide, where no intelligence of yours and mine, and no knowledge to recognize of whom you can actually be , other than a composition of body/mind that were developed by sensuality, sex and time, neither yours and neither mine. The self arises when there is need for expression – knowledge develops through want and by accumulation, but all in vain, for in actuality, the self, empty must learn to remain.

  24. evangelos says:

    The Omnipotent Self
    All the days of my life I get involved in self admiring this Beast of a thousend desires, thousend and one prudence to overcome, getting trapped and overwelmed by its delusions, the mirage continues while the Omnipotent Self evaporates.

    Salvation from Being
    Those who would like to alivate to heaven must drop the self from their own mind, their accumulations and discoveries, their establishments, their sophistry and their illusory being. Their own intelligence has brought their own misery and the distruction of self and that of others… a vain thing on their intelligent part to which neither have any being nor any permanency.
    Intelligence vs. Ignorance
    I have tried to satisfy this Self of a dreadful thing and the finality… I lost All peace of mind.
    The Omni-Self
    I was induced to think that I am nothing compared to my Higher Self… but whether Higher or Lower this Self has brought me great destruction and suffering.
    The Omnipresent Self
    I know that the End is nearing and that I am nowhere to be found.
    All knowing
    It was rightly said not to indulge in knowlege for that can certainly kill you but it was also the deception to Get you involved and look at its marveling intelligence that has brought its own distruction and dounfall.
    I was well put before intelligence began to torment my being, in serving a purpose of not being asked, forced to slave as a breeding stock, with a mind of my own but not being mine; aware of this I struggle to end and to die even though this ignorant Self wont cut from its own fashioned suplies.
    The Nondual
    I don’t have any existance, I am already Dead, but I don’t want to accept it for the simle fact tha I am just ignorant, and therefore I maintain (Being) by multiplying layers of ignorance. Same goes for any intelligent Being that has recognised, whether God or Man, the resolt is NONDUAL.
    Creation Is Ignorance:
    Eradicate All Creation! All consciousness! All Knowing! Thre Is Nothing to be discoverd of Any Permanency, on the contrary is a Delusion of the assumed Mind and its Intelligence.
    The GodHead
    Lets All give credid to God and it’s superficialities – and for All the Creation has done , to deceive it’s own Mind from it’s NONDUALITY.

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