Will the Modern Medicine System Discover the Cure for Cancer?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
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Date: March 8, 2015
Title: Will the Modern Medicine System Discover the Cure for Cancer?
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Will the Modern Medicine System Discover the Cure for Cancer?

The first documented case of cancer was in 1600 BC in Egypt. For over, 3600 years humanity has been searching for the cure to cancer! Is the modern medical system advanced enough to finally cure cancer?

Is there are cure for cancer? Yes! Absolutely yes! I know with 100% certainty that the human body can cure itself of cancer. My own journey towards optimal health has shown me that any disease or illness that the human body acquires, the human body can also remove. The human body is self-healing. The human body is designed with the instructions to create health and remove disease.

It is our responsibility to learn how to live within the human body properly to prevent disease and to cure disease. This includes not only diet, exercise and natural forms of medicine, but also the health of our emotions and thinking, plus the health of the environment. Cancer in the body is connected to one or more forms of “cancer” in the mind, emotions or external world.

The human body is self-healing. A health expert or any form of medicine will help the human to cure itself of any disease, even cancer.

This video examines the likelihood that the present day medicine system will discover and release the cure for cancer. This video takes a very unique approach at examining this topic.

DISCLAIMER: This video offers no medical claims or medical advice. No one in this video is a licensed medical doctor and therefore no one in this video is qualified to offer medical advice or recommend medical treatment. No medical advise is given. No medical diagnosis are given. No medical treatments are given. No medical claims are made.

This video does not present the many natural cures for cancer – which do exists and have been documented for thousands of years by health experts.

This video features an audio excerpt taken from a health consultation session with a client. It has been posted with expressed permission by the recipient of the session. This audio excerpt is being shared because the information is unique, original and significant. It is being published with the intention of helping every soul learn and evolve on their spiritual path of awakening. May all souls awaken to their True Reality.

Blessings and Love.

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