Lincoln Gergar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Monday, June 22nd, 2015
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Date: June 20, 2015
Title: Lincoln Gergar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
Running Time: 2:11:56

Lincoln Gergar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

On June 20th, Lincoln Gergar the Channel for Higher Self was the featured guest on Buddha at the Gas Pump – a YouTube channel featuring “Interviews with Ordinary Spiritually Awakening People.”

In this BATGAP interview, Lincoln speaks at length about his personal experience, his own journey of personal awakening and how he experiences his own personal reality. While these Channel Higher Self videos share the teaching of Lincoln’s Higher Self path, this BATGAP interview talks more about the person behind the camera. Please enjoy this video interview. Blessings always.

Lincoln Gergar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Hello everyone. This is Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self. Welcome to your reality.

In this moment you are creating everything. Your perceptual awareness is the Source Light. All of the forms in existence are this Light. You will never exist outside of your Light. This entire Universe is within you, as you.

You have chosen to enter this human reality to be the author of your life story. The thoughts you speak to yourself, the words you speak to others, your emotional energies and the actions of your body communicate to the Source Consciousness what you want to experience. The Source Consciousness is you. Become aware of yourself as this creator. Live from your Higher Self state and you become the conscious author of your reality. You choose what your life will be. Anything is possible.

With this Truth known, how will you create your life?

Since the age of 18, Lincoln Gergar has been helping people to awaken to who they are as the blissful consciousness creating their lives. At 25, Lincoln started teaching to a world-wide audience via YouTube, personal sessions, and events. In 7 years, his Channel Higher Self videos have received over 3 million views and he has taught in 13 countries on 5 continents.

The message is simple, direct and clear. The life you experience is the direct expression of what you believe to be your reality. Expand yourself as consciousness into all parts of your mind, emotions and body to gain creative control of your human reality. Awaken to the Truth that you have always been the creator of your reality and live as this Truth.

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  1. Sky Yozenko says:

    Hi Lincoln, I really enjoyed your interview. Thank you.

  2. Judy says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    I listened to this wonderful interview a couple weeks ago, and it made me realize that I should have never stopped listening to your videos and CD’s. I was into your teachings in 2011-2012 and then I stopped. With the huge amount of info on the web regarding spiritual teachings, and with so many teachers of various levels of awakening, it can broaden one’s understanding; however, all the contradictions also can cause a lot of confusion. At least I know now what kind of teacher I’m not looking for.

    So since the interview, I again feel very drawn to your Higher Self guidance and have watched several of your videos. Your authenticity and truth shine through whether you are speaking through the Higher Self or being Lincoln. What I’ve especially realized is that you not only know what you’re talking about and have learned it through your own direct experience, you also understand it; whereas so many don’t. Besides that, you are accessible to students, and give of yourself so freely without expectations.

    I mentioned to my husband that I’m listening to you again and he said, “You were more dialed in when you were listening to that guy”.

    I ordered “Awaken Your Spiritual Heart” and “From Fear to Love” through Amazon. Thank you so much for all your selfless service you give to help people to wake up.


  3. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome Sky. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey. Namaste.

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