Examining Spiritual Addiction: the ego’s craving, avoidance, denial behaviors

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
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Date: July 24, 2012
Title: Examining Spiritual Addiction: the ego’s craving, avoidance, denial behaviors
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Examining Spiritual Addiction: the ego’s craving, avoidance, denial behaviors

Addiction, desires, cravings, avoidance, denial, repression – these are all behaviors of the ego. The ego has within it strong behaviors that create inner suffering. Learn how to uncover and remove these dysfunctional parts of yourself in this higher consciousness teaching.

This is a 1.5 hour conversation between Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self, and a student of the Higher Self teachings. You will learn about Lincoln’s own experience with the personal ego and how he understands many of the core behaviors of the ego function operating with us.

Many of the ego’s behaviors are the same as the substance addicted person – intense cravings, avoidance of the present moment, denial and repression of unhappy memories, etc. By understanding the structure of the ego, we are most effectively able to eliminate any personal problems, whether they are manifesting as strongly as a person struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse, or as mildly a person with a healthy ego structure or even a spiritual student. As long as the ego exists, some of these core patterns will be controlling our conscious behavior and limiting our experience of inner peace and Divine Love.

In this teaching you will learn new ways to uncover the layers of the personal ego, including how to eliminate the denial mechanism that keeps deeply held beliefs and memories locked in our subconscious mind. As long as any deep karma is within our subconscious mind it is affecting our conscious reality. So a safe, intelligent and Divinely-guided removal of our deepest karmas is essential for our own personal purification and spiritual awakening. Learn the steps how to perform this self-exploration and inner purification.

This conversation will help you to understand the experience of spiritual awakening and spiritual purification as related to the personal ego and it’s functions. Because many people have expressed the benefits of previous conversations of this nature, this conversation is being shared. It is the hope of Lincoln and this woman that many people benefit from the clear and direct communication in this video. This conversation has been shared with the full permission of the recipient. Her privacy is upheld.

To have your own Higher Self channeling session or conversation with Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self, please visit http://www.channelinghigherself.com to learn more.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Steve Daily says:

    An incredible amount of wisdom…thenk you, Lincoln.

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Steve. I wish you the best. Namaste.

  3. Colin says:

    This is valuable info.

  4. christopher chung says:

    in my experience these chemical pharmaceutical drugs are very harmful and cause more harm than good. Some pharmaceutical drugs have terrible side effects and this is my experience. Some of these drugs have the scariest side effects and some are irreversable. I cannot explain how scary these side effects are because they feel so bad, its not painful but its a feeling that i cant describe, its so bad. Some of these drugs have deadly side effects and almost all of them do not even cure illness. I do not know why these drugs are so popular, we should have herbal medicine in our hospitals and not deadly chemicals with horrible side effects.

  5. christopher chung says:

    I wish you were fully purified, do you plan on being fully purified someday?

  6. Lincoln says:

    Thank you for your support Christopher. I consistently practice lifestyle choices and spiritual methods that deepen my purification. My goal is complete purification of the mind-body system so that the fullness of my spiritual Self can express into this human experience.

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