Remove Emotional Blocks: Fear Stops You From Changing

Monday, January 5th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 262
Date:December 17, 2014
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: Fear Stops You From Changing
Running Time: 30:42

Remove Emotional Blocks: Fear Stops You From Changing

Fear is not the opposite of Love. Love has no opposite; it is the energy creating all life. Fear is the emotion that stops the process of change. When we are afraid we stop using our creative power. Understand the lessons that fear has for you in this Higher Self channeled video teaching.

Many spiritual teachings state that fear is the opposite of Love. This is not accurate. Love is the energy creating life. When we enter deep states of meditation, we come into direct communion with the energy flowing in our bodies (atomic energy), the energy of our emotions (prana), the energy of our mind (consciousness), and the energy of our Spirit. At every level, this energy is blissful. We feel more alive, more complete, more whole and more connected when we experience these creative energies.

When we truly examine our experience, Love is the energy of everything. Love has no opposite.

Fear is a limited emotion. When we experience fear, we do not un-create the Universe. Fear is not the energy of destruction. There is no such thing as true destruction since all matter is neither created nor destroyed. So what then is fear?

Fear is an emotion that we feel when we blocking, slowing or stopping our personal creative power. Every human being is a creator. We create with thought, emotion and action. When a person is afraid, the mind gets stuck in a thought loop and repeats like a skipping record. The afraid person holds back spoken words and does not act constructively. When fear grips a person, the person does not exercise their innate creative power to change the situation. The person freezes, feels powerless, and lets the external circumstance continue unchanged.

Learn more about the emotion of fear and how you can understand it’s hidden teachings for your spiritual mastery. Fear is an important human emotion and holds within it great human lessons. To achieve your human ascension and spiritual enlightenment, you must understand fear and master it’s lessons. This Higher Self video will help you on your spiritual path.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Thank you Lincoln. Happy New Year!

  2. Jacues says:

    For years, I’ve had great difficulty understanding why some people who are wonderful but are so burdened with fear that they turn aggressive and/or absent. This video has greatly helped me understand why this happens and how to see this and them differently. See it and them with love, trust and comprehension. I know that it will be much easier now to embrace them even in their fearful moments, knowing that love is there with both of us nevertheless.

    Thank you, Lincoln.

  3. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome Bryan. Please continue to use these Higher Self teachings to better your life experiences. Namaste.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Wonderful Jacues. The subconscious emotional patterns can be very strong, temporarily overpowering a person’s conscious will in the moment. Kind people can become cold, cruel and selfish – not because they consciously choose it, but because they do not know how to overcome their subconscious ego patterns. They are controlled by their past and not yet able to live fully in the present.

    We must always try to see ourselves and every person with Love and compassion. We must try to maintain our own inner peace when our emotional patterns arise. Ultimately every person desires happiness and Love. When we can see the goodness is everyone, then we increase the goodness in ourselves as well.

    Love is the one true Eternal energy. Love creates us all. When we live from our Higher Self state of consciousness we live in Love and lesser emotions cannot overpower us.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

  5. Flor says:

    Lincoln: thanks for the video. But how do you place the Karma in the co-creation? Could you change it? or we have to leave it until its end? Sometime we can change our thoughts but still we have to leave the same situation because of Karma.

    Besides, being a co-creator between everybody with the same power, formed a big will, a will or a creation formed by everyone, and it is usually called the “God’s Will”. I mean, we can changed our thoughts or emotions or ideas but the result will depend on the rest of the existence.

    Regarding fear, In my experience fear slowed down with the thinking of God. It hanged me. But I am still living old situation, for example work, jobs. I can not create nothing yet in that area, althought I am completely different today.

    With love and respect. Flor

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Flor. Karma is a relative experience. For the lower self (human personality) there is karma – the cause and effect based thinking patterns and emotional patterns that motivate actions to co-create incarnate experiences. For the Higher Self there is no karma, because the Higher Self understands and experiences life from a position outside of and also within this human experience. The Higher Self is not identified with the temporary human experiences as it’s own reality nor is it identified with the personality and it’s memories or conditioning.

    The Higher Self state gives us true freedom from the past. The lower self (human personality) is heavily formed by the past experiences.

    This lower self (human personality) holds the karma. The Higher Self is always karma free.

    Where we position our awareness determines how we experience the present moment and what our experiences will be. Through genuine meditation we learn to move our awareness beyond the personality into the depths of our self. We silence the thoughts and emotions. We experience the state of Eternal knowledge and Divine Love that is our Higher Self. We must shift ourselves out of the personality and into the timeless Higher Self to live karma free.

    To think that a person can “work through” there karma is a false idea. Karma will always exist as long as the physical, emotional (astral) and mental (causal) dimensions exist – because karma is the energy of change / cause and effect. Every action creates a reaction and this cycle will never end.

    The only way to become karma free is to take one’s awareness out of these 3 form-based dimensions into the formless Consciousness of the Self. This is the 4th state, called Turiya. Then karma is immediately removed. When a person experiences this formless state, then the personality is experienced to be an temporal illusion in relation to the Eternal Self. Identification with the personality (ego) is then removed, in part or in total.

    This is the only way.

    Please understand that karma is not in any way a negative aspect of experience. Karma is a law that allows the form-based dimensions to exist.

    The challenge in human life is to shift from experiences of suffering to experiences of happiness. To do this we must act with greater knowledge about who we are and what the purpose and reality of life is. The more we understand ourselves, the more effectively we can use our willpower to change our lives. My videos teach this path in its many aspects.

    If a person is still experiencing the repetition of undesirable events in their lives, this is evidence that the karma (cause and effect pattern) is not yet complete. The learning must continue to develop. The transformation must continue to deepen. There are many layers of emotion and thought within us. We must work at the depth to create total transformation.

    Many psychological, self-help and spiritual practices do not reach the depth of the human personality. They work on surface level ideas and are methods to create a temporary release of stored emotional energy. Until the core ideas that hold the karma in place and reach, understood and transformed, the karmic cause and effect situations will continue to arise.

    We must look accurately at our lives. We create from within ourselves. If we are having repeated experiences, then the cause is still in place. We must hunt deeper within, study ourselves more vigilantly, and sincerely work to transform.

    The purpose of life is to explore and understand who we are as creators. We are not being punished. We are not trapped. We are not flawed. We are still learning about our true reality.

  7. Flor says:


  8. Colin says:

    “Other people do not have power over you. They cannot put fear inside of you. We often say he or she makes me afraid. That is not worded properly. The proper wording would be I choose to create fear when I am with this person. I choose to create fear when i hear this persons words. Someone may say something to you, it does not give you the fear. You choose to create the fear in response to what was said. In response to who the person is.”

    – Lincoln the Channel for Higher Self
    Satsang with the Self Video # 262
    Remove Emotional Blocks: Fear Stops You From Changing

  9. Colin says:

    “You gain nothing ,dear one, by living a life without trying to change it. You gain nothing by not challenging yourself to become different. You gain nothing. You gain nothing ,dear ones ,form fear. Fear slows and stops your progress. You do not want this. You want growth. You want change. You want to manifest your heat’s desires. That is why you’ve chosen to come into the universe. Not just this planet, but the universe. You’re entire existence is based upon the reality of creation. Your fear simply slows your spiritual growth. And so ,dear ones, find the confidence within yourself to achieve this peace, to achieve this empowerment, to give yourself this confidence. Find dear ones the way to rise above fear. Fear is that which slows and stops creative energy. So how ,dear ones, do you over come this resistance? It is not by wearing any special necklace. It is not by praying to any distant god. If you feel resistance how do you overcome it? it is simple physics dear ones. If there is resistance you apply more force to overcome the resistance.”

    – Lincoln the Channel for Higher Self
    Satsang with the Self Video # 262
    Remove Emotional Blocks: Fear Stops You From Changing

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