Psychology for the Awakened – Emotions and Chakras Explained

Thursday, June 16th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 121
Date: June 16, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – Emotions and Chakras Explained
Running Time: 29:33
Parts: 4

Psychology for the Awakened – Emotions and Chakras Explained

Psychology for the Awakened is a video mini-series created by Channel Higher Self that examines the nature and function of the human psyche and multi-dimensional human mind, body, emotion system. The information in this mini-series is presented to serve those people devoted to spiritual purification, ascension and enlightenment. This mini-series of videos will help you to gain mastery over your body, emotions, mind – the layers of your personal self.

The fourth video in the Higher Self’s Psychology for the Awakened mini-series is Emotional Body Explained. The middle layer / dimensional body in the human system is the emotional body, also called the astral body because the chakras of light that comprise it. In this video you will learn more about the nature of the emotional body, the chakras of light and how they function in human beings. In particular you will learn how the emotions of a person function when the person operates through the personal ego – when one’s self-image is formed by one’s perception of oneself in the world – and how the emotions of a spiritually awakened person’s emotions function. When a person spiritually awakens, he/she no longer judges him/herself through the five sense and what is perceived in the physical world. Instead the enlightened person allows the Higher Self within to create the emotional chakras directly from the Divine Creative Light of God. By allowing the Higher Self within to create the emotional energy chakras, the emotions are no longer moved by the experiences of the world, but instead always in a state of Divine Bliss and Love.

The next video following this Higher Self video will teach a guided mediation that will help you to connect your chakras and emotional energy more fully to the Higher Self within. Free yourself from the turbulent emotions of this world and cultivate genuine spiritual bliss within yourself.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, thanks for helping us to overcome our thoughts and emotional manifest experiences! You included an in-depth explanation from Higher Self about the chakras and our energy system. This was a reminder that All is from the White Light and that we are multi-dimensional beings. The diverse colors and vibrations we experience are from the one White Light. Thanks for again reminding us that focus on our Spiritual Heart is our Key to purifying the chakras and energy system that will lead us back to our one true Self.

    Love and blessings,



  2. Judy says:

    Lincoln, thank you for this detailed explanation. It really helped me today to put it all back into perspective, as I tend to drift from what really matters sometimes.



  3. Colin says:

    Lincoln, I’m curious, do you learn from the information you bring through?


    Lincoln Reply:

    Definitely. In the beginning I learned a lot of new information – including the Spiritual Heart Meditation technique. I also experience many remarkable states of heightened awareness and non-ordinary reality while doing the Higher Self work. Doing the Higher Self work has changed me more deeply than any other methods, techniques or teachings that I’ve practiced.


  4. Colin says:

    I am learning a tremendous amount. I’m learning info that i don’t think i could learn anywhere else, at least no where that i know of. So please keep it up!


  5. Jon says:

    This was a really helpful perspective. Unlike other methods of awareness that required uninterrupted commitment, I can be aware of this flow from my heart up and down and undulating as a snake would, even when engaged in another activity. I liked the mental image of my mental and root chakras as my own aspect of earth and sky, as it allowed me to feel more like the complete whole, rather than the middle-man between forms that are outside of me. Namaste.


    Lincoln Reply:

    Yes, some meditation methods are like mental gymnastics – which actually keep us from going deeper in awareness since they require such effort to perform. A good meditation will let the mind quiet and surrender while the awareness increases in alertness. Blessings and Love.


  6. rose ma rain says:

    Brilliant; I feel very lucky to learn by your teaching. As it is an explanation of what I had gathered by my self. (like the summer flowering of the bulbs I saw in the soil in the winter)


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